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Jun 24, 2008 07:49 AM

Need recs near Hampton Beach

I know this is pretty far-fetched, but I'm heading to the good ole Hampton Beach Casino this Friday to see a show and wanted to know if there's anything at all resembling decent food in the area.

If there's nothing decent foodwise around, how about a decent place to grab drinks before the show?


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Ocean Wok for Chinese....very good Americanized Chinese.

      Merrilee's Dockside Dining at Eastman's Docks before the Hampton Bridge on the Seabrook side. Nice deck for dinner and drinks. Casual.

      1. I've heard great things about Ocean Wok.

        In Seabrook you can go to Markey's or Brown's for some lobster/steamers. Both are really casual...not sure what your looking for.

        The Tuna Striker down at Eastman's is my favorite place for's a total dive but just fantastic at the same time.

        Top of the Harbor in Seabrook is awful...IMO. Rude service and overpriced.

        1. Ron's Landing is right up the street on the same side as the Casino. Food is decent and the drinks are pretty good.
          In Seabrook right at Rte 286 is the Round Rock Restaurant - a locals place that sees a lot of off-season traffic.

          1. I concur with the CH'ers that recommended Ocean Wok. We were just there this past Friday (second time this summer) and was excellent as usual. The crispy battered haddock in sweet and sour chili sauce was very good both times. Service is very good as well BUT parking can be extremely difficult as it is very limited.

            Ron's Landing is very good (was much better when Ron was part of it though). And you could park near the Casino and walk to and from Ron's easily (10 minute walk at the most).

            Mama Leone's (bottom floor of the Hillcrest on Ocean Boulevard) has decent Italian food and the Ashworth has a casual pub (nautical theme) with good pub fare - both are within easy strolling distance to the Casino.

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              Second the vote for Brown's. Bring your own appetizers, wine (or beer), table cloth and candles. Sit outside and watch the sun go down over the inlet.