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Jun 24, 2008 07:41 AM

Lunch/carts near 7th and Sansom?

I'm working in the Curtis Center this summer, and lunch has mostly been limited to sandwiches from Old Nelson's on 7th and Chestnut, or making the trek up to Capogiro when I can't go another day without it.

I'm looking for awesome, relatively cheap, and relatively quick lunch options. Reading Terminal is too far a walk for an everyday kind of thing, but I'm willing to trek a bit--say 15 minutes walk at the outside. Take-out is vastly better than sit-down.

Specifically, does anyone know of any particularly good carts in the area? Ethnic food is better than sausage carts or hot dogs, but if you know a fantastic one of the latter, I'd definitely be interested. I adore food carts, but I don't like to waste my time, money, and appetite on sub-par ones. Call me picky.


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  1. I had good food from the shish kabob cart on 6th street between Market and Chestnut on the west side. Sorry I can't get any more specific than that - it was last summer

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      That shish kabob cart is great, I've been going there for since 1990, get there just before noon to avoid the long lines. While not a food cart, Park's Salad bar on Chestnut btw 7th and 8th has some great ethnic food and El Fuego burrito place on Walnut isn't cheap but has great food, both have carry out available.

    2. The chinese food cart on 6th and Samson is very cheap and edible. There is also great pizza in the area.