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Jun 24, 2008 07:03 AM

bland ice cream fix?

Yesterday I made Alton Brown's banana ice cream recipe. I like the texture, very creamy, and it doesn't taste bad or anything, but it is strangely bland. I'll probably put a bunch of nuts and strawberries in it for tonight, but I'd just never made such bland almost tasteless ice cream. When I ice cream loving man leaves about half of it in the bowl, that's saying something.

But I can't identify what I think it is missing. It is SO bland my first thought was salt. Any ideas?

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  1. Yep. Salt. If you make the recipe again, add a big pinch and see if your man finishes his bowl!

    1. IIRC, AB's banana ice cream recipe calls for bananas that are way way WAY overripe (and hence, sweeter). Keeping mind that freezing them will mute their flavors, were your bananas so ripe you could have squeezed them out of their skins like toothpaste?

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      1. re: ricepad

        they were speckly ripe, like perfect eating ripe, but not squeezy floppy ripe. I reckon that could be part of it. They didn't get super dark brown in the freezer, so maybe that was why.

        I'll try it again in a few weeks, and will be sure they are riper and add just a pinch of salt and definitely some pecans. Thanks to you both.

        1. re: Betty

          personally I like my banana ice cream with roasted and salted pecans... and uhm, either a fugde "ribbon" or chocolate chips (a la chunky monkey).

          but yeah, definitely a pinch of salt... but more so, really, ripe bananas. the less ripe, I find the flavor is too sublte to stand up to the cream, etc.