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Jun 24, 2008 06:51 AM


I would like to recommend Milos for a group of 3 families. I haven't been there in several years. What would the average price be for adults including appetizer, main course but without wine/drinks. I am just looking for an approximate figure to make sure they are not shocked when they go there.

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  1. When we were there last summer, we were 2 adults,one teen, and one kid, and the total without wine was almost $300. We shared 3 appetizers and one large $$$ fish. Unless they are fish fanatics, I would not recommend it---simply too expensive for what it is. We have eaten at some of the most talked-about restos in Canada, US, and Europe, and Milos was one of the most expensive, but definitely not one of the most memorable. The fish is undoubtedly fresh and beautifully prepared, but in my books doesn't warrant the bill.

    1. The lunch special is worth checking out. $22 gets you a choice of appetizers, choice of main and a dessert. Much better QPR, and it is a lovely setting for lunch.