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Jun 24, 2008 06:36 AM

Is there any place I can get fish and shrimp tacos like those in Playa Del Carmen?

I was on vacation in Playa Del Carmen a few months ago and loved its famous fish and shrimp tacos. They are very lightly battered, great seasoning, served on fresh corn tortillas, with amazing sauces of tamarind or habenero on the side. Does any place in the outer-boroughs serve these same type of tacos? Thanks.

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  1. I loved La Floresta when I was in Playa and have never found anything close to it in the New York area, but I hope someone can help us out.

    1. I usually stay further down the coast from Playa del Carmen when in Mexico but, I too, would love to find that kind of shrimp taco in NYC. If there really are none here in NYC, there's a niche to be filled by someone.

      1. Had surprisingly good fish tacos at Playa on 5th Ave. (Park Slope) recently. They're on the appetizer menu.

        1. i love the fish tacos at papacitos. they don't have shrimp tacos i don't think, but it looks like acapulco further up manhattan ave has shrimp burritos, so they could probably make shrimp tacos. never been there though.