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Jun 24, 2008 06:32 AM

Ramsay at the London vs. Jean George vs. Bouley

For a special birthday lunch, which is best?

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  1. Wow. That's a really tough one. I actually haven't been to Ramsay, but I've generally heard not-great things. I've been to Jean-Georges and Bouley once each (J-G for a fancy lunch, and Bouley for the tasting-menu dinner). They are the two most gorgeous restaurants I've been in, hands-down. I think the food was maybe slightly better at Jean-Georges, but Bouley is a little more comfortable and intimate. J-G more formal, Bouley a bit more friendly. I think you'll be very happy either way.

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      I guess everyone has a different experience, so different opinions here. I had both dinner and lunch at Ramsay's, and loved both experiences. I also liked the look of the dining room more than JG. My opinion of JG was that it was really not that great. Have not been to Bouley, but do have a friend who loves it.

    2. Just note that for Gordon Ramsay you should be booking two months ahead.

      1. Bouley. Excellent food, much less prententious.

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          I've not been to Ramsay at the London, but between JG and Bouley, I'd choose JG. I had a lovely lunch at Bouley in January, but there were a couple of misses in the tasting menu, and I thought the desserts were weak. I think the service is excellent at both places - completely unobtrusive unless you need something, in which case, someone magically appears, so to speak. My opinion, though, is based on one lunch at Bouley and two dinners at JG, FWIW.

        2. Actually, all three are excellent. Bouley has always been a long-time favorite of mine. I recently had an excellent lunch at Gordon Ramsay, and would like to try it for dinner. While I find the food excellent at Jean Georges, the service isn't as warm as I found service at Gordon Ramsay and Bouley.

          1. Well I've been to all three in the last year.

            Bouley definitely comes in last for me in everything but decor. It is a really pretty room.

            I would say that Gordon Ramsay was the most solid meal all the way through and had the friendliest staff.

            Jean Georges is really amazing, probably at a slightly higher level than the other two, but I -- I found some weaknesses in their tasting menu and their desserts were really lacking (they look nice and are original, but didn't taste that good).