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Jun 24, 2008 06:29 AM

Beet greens

Last night I made Harvard beets and reserved the greens for cooking tonight as a side dish. Does anyone have any secret recipes? I reserved the leftover Harvard beet sauce, which the husband could drink with a straw. Might it work to wilt the greens and then finish them with that?

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  1. We lmost always use them for a frittata. Quick lunch or antipasti.
    There's usually not enough greens from a bunch of beets for a veggie to serve more than one person. They cook down to not very much.
    I used them once in a soup, chopped fine, with chicken stock and a few other orphan veggies.
    The juice is great with vodka, shot of Tabasco, a slice of beet and onion for garnish. LIke a beet martini. Let the guy enjoy his cocktail!

    1. I usually combine them with chard (MakingSense is right, they cook down quite a bit) and prepare them in my favorite way: boil with a little salted water until tender then remove, drain, and chop them. Heat olive oil in saute pan. Add chopped garlic and crushed red pepper and saute for a little bit until the garlic is just cooked (not browned). Then add the chopped greens and saute until they're heated through and any liquid has pretty much evaporated. Remove from the heat and sprinkle with some good red wine vinegar. I could pretty much eat this all day.

      1. Although this may not work with Harvard beets, one of my FAVORITE beet dishes is penne with beets, beet greens, garlic and goat cheese (I also throw in toasted, salted pistachios for kick) :-)

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          That sounds great! I love finding them in unusual places like that. I may have to pick up some more this weekend.

        2. The way I grew up eating them, which is still my favorite, is to simply steam them in the water that clings to them after they've been washed, drain if there's any excess moisture, then finish with a dab of butter. There's something special about beet greens and butter. But it's true, they shrink down to nothing, just enough for a couple of tasty bites.

          Btw, I finally decided that I didn't like the long stems on the older, more mature leaves, so I snip them off where the greens start.

          1. I would not use the Harvard sauce with the greens. I like them braised with a bit of EVOO, shallots and salt. Simple.