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Jun 24, 2008 06:01 AM

outdoor, downtown dinner

i'm looking for a casual, inexpensive place to eat dinner outdoors, somewhere downtown (preferably west village or nearby, but east village is fine too). malatesta is exactly what i have in mind, but i eat there all the time and want to try something new. a garden would be ideal, but sidewalk seating is great too (especially if the view is nice). any cuisine is fine. thanks!

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  1. Bowery Bar and Grill may work for you all

    1. Nero, Barbuto have similar windowless layouts. Bar Pitti has outdoor seating. Gavroche, AOC and August all have nice garden areas. All are in pretty close vicinity to Malatesta.

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        thanks for the suggestions. i didn't realize AOC had a garden so i might try that. most of the others are just slightly pricier than what i'm looking for for this particular dinner, but i love august and have been meaning to try barbuto. thanks!