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Jun 24, 2008 05:56 AM

Dim Sum, another post..

Ok, so I have read about a million posts in regards to dim sum in manhattan, but am having some trouble making a decision....

Where is the best place to get dim sum in Manhattan? (mainly more authentic than not)


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  1. not sure how familiar or unfamiliar with dim sum u are, if uve had good dim sum then ull probably be disappointed in manhattan as most of the places are mediocre. I'd avoid the big huge halls like jing fong, golden unicorn, golden bridge etc...i find those places to be really bad generally.

    id hit:
    - dim sum go go - its not cart, its new style menu ordering which i like better, but the dim sum is fresh and better than the avg ctown place
    - chatham sq restaurant (6 chatham, there is a 9 chatham) - this place is new and its pretty decent
    - sunrise 27 - i havent been here, so i cant vouch, but one of my friends really like this place, so ill put it out there

    if u dont mind hitting flushing (LIRR takes 15 mins), then u can hit:
    - jade asian, ocean jewel, gala manor, perfect team corporation, tung yi fung (havent been, but heard its good)....last time i went to to jade it was good

    1. I am not an authority but I ate at Chinatown Brasserie (not in Chinatown) on Saturday and I thought that it was excellent. Sat outside, much calmer and quieter than large Chinatown dim sum halls; a bit more expensive but worth it IMHO.

      1. I think that we would prefer a place that has carts. (my guests prefer the full experience)

        I had recently heard the Jing Fong went through a renovation and is much better now.

        Any other advice?

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          well i havent been to jing fong in a while as i never thought it was good, so ill let others opine who have been there more recently

          if u have the time, highly suggest quality is much better, restaurants are nicer

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            Haven't been to Jing Fong since the renovation so I can't speak about that. I would pick Golden Bridge. There's a bit of a larger variety than most dim sum places. If you get lucky, you could be seated at a table with a great view of the Manhattan Bridge.