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Restaurant in Florence or Venice

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Hi all,

Will be in Florence then Venice next week and looking for a nice meal that will cost about 50 euros a person. I appreciate your suggestions.

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  1. read my post from last December. search for FLORENCE REPORT DECEMBER 2007

    1. Based on our experience In Florence last month, you may have trouble finding both "nice" and "E50 per person" at least with a good bottle of wine (which it would be a shame to pass up, considering where you'll be). Even the good trattorias seemed to be more expensive than that, at least in the old center. We much enjoyed Giovanni in Via del Moro, and Profeta in Borgo Ognissanti, but in both cases the bill for two courses (1 primo divided for 2, and 2 secondi, plus a nice wine) was E130.

      1. Florence: I Ghibellini (Piazza Di S. Pier Maggiore, 8). Great local cuisine, good prices, friendly service.
        Venice: Osteria Giorgione (Calle Proverbi). Really good seafood! More like 55-60eu per person with wine. Trattoria Storica (Cannaregio, 4858 Ponte dei Gesuiti) A lovely, laid-back, local place with a moderate fixed-price menu, or not. Off the beaten path, but walkable from Rialto/San Marco.

        1. Suggest Trattoria Garga on 48R Via Del Moro in Florence, you will love it and if you meet the owner ask him to see his art/wine cellar. Veal with Avocado sauce is fantastic. Well priced

          1. When in Florence make sure you have dinner at Acqua Al 2 located at Via della Vigna Vecchia

            excellent recommendation several small rooms usually very busy.
            Owner Gianni...You won't be disappointed

            1. In venice, Al graspo d'uo near the Ponte Rialto is terrific.

              1. When dining in Venice you have the choice to go to a renowned and therefore more expensive restaurant or some small, remote, simple and inexpensive trattoria. Venice is full of both type of restaurants. And of course there are also tourist traps....

                A good choice for a "beginner" is Fiaschetteria Toscana, a fine restaurant of the moderatly expensive type, since they have a very nice English speaking head waiter: Roberto (who is serving downstairs on the ground floor).


                They also have now some fixed-price lunch menu options with great choices of typical Venetian cuisine:


                Reservation is a must !! Call in ASAP and ask for a table on the ground floor !!

                1. perhaps too late, but I have been living in Florence since 1984 and have a dining guide online on my website. divinacucina.com
                  I think it is possible to eat well, on 50 euro a person, but not always each meal at a fancy sort of place. a good lunch in a nice trattoria will be 25-30 euro with house wine or a simple bottle.
                  Dinner at nicer places with a good bottle of wine will be 60-100. that is eating as italians do multiple course meals.

                  I love da Giovanni , on via del moro, traditional tuscan, also Da cammillo on Borgo San Jacopo ( these are not on my site!) as well as Fagioli on corso Tintori over near Santa Croce.

                  I adore CIBREO and there you can go to the restaurant side or bar, which are the 60 euro plus sides, or stand in line at the trattoria and save $$$$ and get the same food, but trattoria service!
                  I would save on a meal and blow it there!

                  no pasta!

                  In Venice I love Riviera on the Giudecca and Vini da Gigio, near Ca D'oro

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                    Thanks Diva! Last summer my husband were in Italy, and followed many of your recommendations. Our absolute favourite of the trip, was your recommendation in Certaldo for Dolci Follie. The chocolate cornetti, were out of this world! It is so simple, but I've never had a better pastry...and believe me...I've tried.

                    We are coming to Italy again next summer (from Canada), and hopefully we can check out even more of your recommendations, and of course go back to our favourites of the ones you already have us hooked onto! Grazie mille!!