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Jun 23, 2008 11:10 PM

Food Trucks/Trailers/Stands that aren't known for Tex-Mex

I wouldn't know where to look for a list like this, so I thought we'd create one. Write down some mobile or temporary restaurants that are known for something besides Tex-Mex food. We already have a good thread about taco trailers, but we don't have a thread about all the other food trailers/trucks/stands.

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  1. my two favorites are:

    Flip happy Crepes - 400 Jessie St
    Tasty sweet and savory crepes. Beware, the wait is excruciatingly long.

    Lulu B's - 2101 S Lamar Blvd
    Yummy korean style bbq sandwhiches. Others have complained about the wait here as well, but I have never had a problem.

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    1. re: chub512

      There is a trailer on the NW corner of MLK and Airport called V's Miniburgers. I've seen it open twice around 9pm, but I haven't been there yet.

    2. There's Papa's Pot on Jollyville:

      They serve sandwiches, wraps, etc. for lunch. I like that you can get a fresh salad with your meal rather than the chips you find at most sandwich joints.

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      1. re: ccaustin

        Papa's Pot sounds interesting. So do the miniburgers.

        And to Chub512 - there's a Korean BBQ Sandwich trailer? My roommate is Korean on the inside (One day I'm going to come home and find out that he's traded his Dodge in for a Hyundai), so we'll have to go try it out.

        What else, people? Are there any more like Papa's Pot that make quality sandwiches with locally-sourced ingredients?

        1. re: KPeff

          I haven't been to Lulu B's, but I'm pretty sure they serve Vietnamese sandwiches (banh mi) and not Korean food.

          1. re: mkwng

            It is Vietnamese. I've only been there once. I got two orders of spring rolls. They took about 20 minutes, but they were delicious.

            1. re: chrischris

              oops, sorry about that. right you are, they are Vietnamese.

      2. oh i can't remember the name but it's the airstream that sells fairly decent cupcakes on south congress, in the parking lot of the baptist church.

        1. There are some very serious economic reasons why this is a growing trend. Part of it has to do with the rather insane price of real estate in Austin. One of my colleagues, (I work in the Food Service Industry) a pastry chef with 30+ years of experience, was looking to buy a building to start his own restaurant. One place he looked at, in a recently upwardly mobile neighborhood in South Austin, was being offered for $1 million. He didn't take it. I was kind of amazed, as there is a particularly skanky trailer park in walking distance.
          The other part has to do with City of Austin regulations. Do you know how much it costs just to put in a grease trap that meets City code? One place where I worked ended up going out of business because the City made the owners put in a grease trap that they didn't need and still wouldn't give them the permits.
          Possibly a third aspect is there are distinct advantages to running a small business, especially if you can pull it off with only one or two employees, or a family is running it. Austin is pretty far from seeing the crest of the wave of this trend, and I think in a few years, one is likely to see dozens more "taco truck" type businesses.