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Feb 18, 2003 02:40 AM

Diet soda without Aspartame?

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Which Diet soda's don't contain Aspartame, and do contain Splenda? Any ideas?


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  1. All fountain soda is without Aspartame (as a start for you), even those diet sodas that contain it in bottles and can form. Splenda has a web site and lists drinks containing their products; I see Diet Rite sodas (products of the Royal Crown Company) are listed there.


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    1. re: Elisa Davis

      Diet Rite also has some new flavors. I just bought some Tangerine and some Peach soda, but I haven't tried them yet. I'll let you know how they are...

      1. re: Jane

        It seems to me Diet Rite isn't always easy to find. Which grocery chain seems to have the best selection? Also is Diet Rite Canadian?

        Thanks everyone.

        1. re: Phal Gus

          Unfortunately, I'm in Northern California so I can't help you with finding Diet Rite locally. Small gourmet grocery stores seem to carry a decent selection up here. Good luck.

      2. re: Elisa Davis

        - All fountain soda is without Aspartame -

        Even Diet Coke? Do you have any reference for this?

        1. re: Curious

          Yes, aspartame is very unstable once wet and quickly loses its sweetness. Bottles and cans have a fast enough turnover that it isn't an issue, but fountain syrup can take a long time between the time it's produced and when it's consumed.

          I worked at the Pepsi-Cola Company during the time that aspartame was first approved by the FDA, my work was in the fountain business in particular.

          My guess is you can find out more from the Coca-Cola website if you don't want to take my word for it.

          1. re: Elisa Davis
            Caitlin McGrath

            The statement from the Coca Cola web site contradicts what you originlly said, though; fountain Diet Coke has a blend of aspartame and saccharin. So someone who is avoiding aspartams should not assume that it isn't present in fountain sodas.

            1. re: Caitlin McGrath

              I just had to go re-read it...and I think they are just hedging their bets (in case some aspartame creeps into the mix and someone is has PKU problems). Aspartame is a bad bet in the sort of storage conditions that are normal for fountain syrup.

              BTW, the soda companies are just as happy to use saccharine instead of aspartame, as the price differential is enormous.

              1. re: Elisa Davis

                You seem to be asserting again that there's no aspartame in fountain Diet Coke when your own reference contradicts you. Do you have any new references?

                1. re: Curious

                  I have a Diet Coke can in my hand right now. Aspartame is the third ingredient listed:

                  Carbonated water, caramel color, aspartame, phosphoric acid, potassium benzoate (to protect taste), natural flavors, citric acid, caffeine.

                  1. re: Jane

                    Jane, if you are addressing Curious' post, the issue is with *fountain* diet sodas, not canned.

                    1. re: Jane

                      Yes, canned Diet Coke (and canned most diet sodas) contain aspartame. It's *fountain* diet soda that doesn't, although apparently the Coca Cola company says there may be some in some of their fountain syrup although I can't see why they'd bother as it loses its sweetness by the time it reaches the consumer in almost all instances.

                      (Fountain soda is the stuff you get at restaurants and fast food places that doesn't come out of a can or a bottle but is a mixture of syrup and carbonated water, mixed right there at the place it's served)

                      1. re: Elisa Davis

                        That was the way I was thinking too. I went to a local restaurant and ordered a diet soda. I paid for it dearly that night for two more days and nights. There was enough aspartame that it caused my fibromyalgia to flare bad. Now I avoid ALL diet sodas and stick with tea or regular soda.

                    2. re: Curious

                      Yes, I just said I reread it and it's true that there may be some aspartame in it.

                      Is there some reason you're so unpleasant?

                      1. re: Elisa Davis

                        You wrote that you, " worked at the Pepsi-Cola Company during the time that aspartame was first approved by the FDA, (and your) work was in the fountain business in particular. " and yet you seem extremely confused about the very product you represented. What exactly did you do at Pepsi? You may not like being questioned but you have made statements of fact here on this board regarding all fountain diet sodas, not just Pepsi. And yet you keep posting statements that contradict your own assertions.

                        1. re: aspartanot

                          you know, I wrote that, was questioned, and bothered to do the research to answer the query. and then I admitted I was wrong. what exactly are you asking me to do now?

                          if you're allergic to aspartame, do your own research. you should do that anyway.

                          I'm out of this thread.

                          (and I worked in finance in the food service division at Pepsi, the decision to use aspartame was a HUGE issue as there were both product stability problems and high costs involved...and none of these issues has changed in the intervening years; despite the fact that aspartame sweetened beverages are almost universally considered to be superior tasting to those sweetened with saccharine, most--I thought all, but I learned differently from Coke--fountain soda continues to be sweetened with saccharine. Perhaps Splenda will prove to be more stable as a sweetener and the economics or market forces will change diet soda formulations. Meanwhile, people who are aspartame sensitive should be doing their own research directly from manufacturers. I mean, why even believe the quotation I said is a quotation? Go to the Coca Cola site yourself, it's way fun to navigate through the multiple pop up java windows that provide no useful product ingredient information.)

                          1. re: Elisa

                            And yet you don't know if the product contains aspartame? Hmmm....something fishy here.

                            1. re: hmmmmm

                              FWIW, I lost about thirty pounds in part thanks to Aspartame. It is the sweetener in a milk shake powder produced by Health Management Resources (HMR), recommended by my doctor (who used it himself) and chosen by many hospitals (including Cedars, I think) for their weight loss programs. I never had the slightest problem with the Aspartame and, after doing some research, am starting to think that the numbers who are allergic to it may not be so great after all. Of course there are those who oppose chemicals in any form. Can't say as I blame them (just as long as they let me alone)

                              1. re: Lord Lipitor

                                aspartame has some specific warnings required in its product labeling by the powers that be. yes, the numbers are small, but if you're one of those individuals, it's very important. pls don't doubt that there are real health issues here that have been shown in the clinic just because you're not affected.

                                1. re: Lord Lipitor

                                  I have talked to many doctors and I will say that ALL have said NOT to use ANY form of aspartame. For someone that has drank diet soda most of her life, I was surprised. Then I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Now if I eat or drink anything with even a hint of Aspartame, I end up in major pain because of it. And many things I didn't even realize there was aspartame in it until my pain went nuclear!

                          2. re: Elisa Davis

                            I'm not being unpleasant; I'm just trying to figure out if I can drink Diet Coke from a fountain. (Aspartame gives me headaches.)

                            And your post said that the Coca-Cola website shouldn't be believed since you say they are just "hedging their bets" as any aspartame in the fountain drinks would be due to accidental contamination.

                    3. re: Elisa Davis

                      I'm allergic to aspartame but not sucralose. I have always reacted to fountain diet coke the exact same way that I react to canned diet coke.

                    4. re: Curious

                      This is from the Coca-Cola website (easily the most annoying website I've ever visited--worse than porn sites you stumble over but didn't mean to visit LOL):

                      "Because aspartame by itself is heat and pH sensitive (meaning it loses its sweetness over time), the concentrated fountain syrup causes aspartame to lose its sweetness faster than it would in a finished beverage. Fountain diet drinks, therefore, are sweetened with a blend of aspartame and saccharin to assure maximum product quality."

                    5. re: Elisa Davis
                      wow i'm a dog

                      I can't have anything with aspartame in it myself. This isn't diet soda, but maybe you'll find this a good alternative: The Switch. It's 100% carbonated fruit juice without any corn syrup, added sugar, etc. I really enjoy the apricot peach. The drinks are a little hard to find (I tried it at a volleyball event) and their locator online didn't help me much, but maybe they ship? I've emailed them to find out. I do know that they have it at Mongolian BBQ in Manhattan Beach.


                      1. re: Elisa Davis

                        Hate to tell you, but check the label of ANY diet soda, at least those sold in the grocery stores and not a designer or all natural soda, and you will see aspartame listed. I had to start reading ALL labels as I am highly sensitive to it. It is in Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi, Diet 7-UP, and all others we have around here.

                      2. I will bring this discussion to a (relatively) local realm. I have found the most delicious diet drink containing Splenda. I haven't checked for Aspartame but I suspect it doesn't have it. The brand is ICE BOTANICALS made by the Talking Rain Company. They come out of Portlnd Oregon and are available (not always, sadly) locally only at Costo. They make a very lightly carbonated and a non-carbonated variety.


                        1. I don't know exactly if there's any Aspartame in it, but it's sweetened with Splenda, and tastes great.. It's the Diet Hansen. I buy them in bulk from Costco. They have amazing flavors, like Ginger, Strawberry Kiwi, Tangerine, etc. If I remember correctly it says something like "all natural" too. I remember they use natural, not artificial flavoring. So maybe you can give it a try. ;) Hope this helps.

                          1. yes i wouldnt drink anything with aspratame in it either if you read any books on it it causes brain cancer and a load of other problems for the body look for the book excitotoxins that kill do a search you will see monsanto who produces it is in for alot of lawsuits down the road micheal j fox was a spokesman for diet soda and look at him now

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                            1. re: noaspratame

                              All the accusations against aspartame are essentially unsubstantiated.

                              1. re: ironmom

                                Thanks for saying that, its unpopular but it's fact.

                                1. re: EWSflash

                                  As someone who had ringing in my ears and lightheadedness from aspartame, I must dispute your assertions. Also, my diabetic mother was consuming a number of aspartame products and began to have neurological symptoms which even led her physician to think she might have had a brain tumor. My sister, now a physician assistant after a 25-year career as a registered nurse, asked how much aspartame she was using and advised her to try eliminating it from her diet. Within days and weeks the symptoms were gone. So don't assume there is nothing to it. Within 7-10 minutes of accidently consuming an aspartame-sweetened diet drink, I know what has happened because I start feeling weird and disoriented.
                                  I use Hansen's diet sodas in the summer and so does my mother. I am also beginning to see some xylitol and erythritol-sweetened products in the marketplace and hope to see more.

                                  1. re: skamama

                                    Xylitol in soda??? Count me out. Far more people have bad reactions to sugar alcohols than aspartame.

                                    1. re: ferret

                                      Yeah, just what I need - diet pop with the added bonus of explosive diarreah. :-(

                                    2. re: skamama

                                      I appreciate hearing your story. I think that problems with aspartame should be more widely known. However, I have to say consuming it has never caused me problems.

                                      I know many who drink diet sodas. I suspect that these extreme symptoms are rare.

                                      I actually don't like soda sweetened with sucralose. I've grown accustomed to the aspartame flavor.

                                      1. re: sueatmo

                                        There are countless aspartame scare sites on the web, the problem is that there's little to no science behind them.

                                  2. re: ironmom

                                    That may be true but I can say that if I use ANYTHING with aspartame in it I go into a fibromyalgia flare (MASSIVE PAIN ALL OVER) and it is directly linked to aspartame because I have the flare within minutes of eating, chewing gum, or drinking anything with aspartame in it.

                                    1. re: JodiB

                                      Jodi, I understand that you have real problems with the consumption of Aspartame. I am a regular diet soda drinker (not daily, but certainly weekly) and I have not had any adverse reactions to either Aspartame or Sucralose. The post to which you replied was in response to someone implying that Michael J. Fox acquired Parkinson's disease from the consumption of artificial sweeteners. You can be sure if there was any proof, those sweeteners would be off the market in the U.S.

                                      1. re: JodiB

                                        I appreciate hearing your experience with aspartame. I've never known anyone who had experienced adverse symptoms from drinking diet soda.

                                      2. re: ironmom

                                        That is not true most of The people at the FDA involved in finally approving (after multiple decisions that it was unsafe) aspartame ended up working for monsanto - and it is definitely unsafe at high temperatures and they take no precautions when shipping and storing soda to ensure it stays at safe temperatures: worse yet they include recipes for baking

                                    2. Most of the Diet Rite sodas do not contain aspartame and use splenda. I'm not sure if this is true for all their flavors, but they advertise this fact on the front of the can. Their diet peach soda is quite yummy.