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Jun 23, 2008 10:52 PM

Easy Fondant Recipe

I have tried many, recipes but I can never seem to get them off of the table. some of them are to greasy, some of them are to stick, and some of them are just horrible. I have tried wilton pre-made fondant but it tastes disgusting. Please let me know if you have any easy to use recipes for the perfect fondant! thanks

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I like using Toba Garrett's fondant recipe:

      The recipe here says the glycerin is optional, but I always use it. I vastly prefer using light corn syrup to glucose, too. Easier to use, cheaper, and available at the corner grocer instead of a specialty shop.

      I've also used Collette Peters' recipe with a lot of success, but Toba's recipe is my favorite these days.

      I despise MMF (marshmallow fondant). Just say no. It's sticky, messy, more expensive, and harder to work with.

      You do have to develop a sense about making fondant. I always end up adding a different ammount of powdered sugar each time. Perhaps it's the difference in humidity? In one brand of powdered sugar to another? Who knows, but just add the sugar and mix it in until it just *feels* right.

      Be sure to let it rest for at least 24 hours, too.

      How are you rolling it out? I like spraying down my surface with pam. Using powdered sugar dries things out too much, and you end up with powdery residue--not good if you're using colored fondant.