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Jun 23, 2008 09:03 PM

Anyone have a recipe for cucolo bread?

Hi all,
I'm trying to find a recipe for cucolo bread online, but nothing. Does anyone have a recipe from mom, a friend....anyone, really?
Thanks much

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  1. Describe the bread's ingredients ... because you might just have a misspelled name that I can possibly correct.

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    1. re: Cheese Boy

      No idea. I would guess it has the regular ing: flour, water, yeast, etc. But as to proportions, desired texture, all I can figure out is that it seems it should be a chewy, crusty loaf...with a hole in the middle, something like a big ring. I was wondering if it's similar to ciabatta, but with no recipe to compare, I can't tell.

      1. re: katw

        Nope, not like a ciabatta, more like a portuguese hard roll. The inside has a slight resemblance to ciabatta from the looks, but the crust isn't all that crusty like a ciabatta. What you're looking for is "Pizza bread" as it's commonly called here in the states. I've included pics of both breads (pizza bread is on the right) ... be sure to click on the images to enlarge. Hopefully someone can chime in with a recipe for you when they see the image here.

        1. re: katw

          Description isn't far off from a large bagel.

        1. Maybe you mean chicle bread, now more frequently referred to as prosciutto bread? Does it have pieces of pork and black pepper in it?

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          1. re: roxlet

            Cheese Boy, thanks for the pics. The pizza bread is definitely the one. Maybe I'll Google a few recipes and mess around, but if anyone happens to have a recipe, even better.
            Roxlet, the prosciutto bread sounds good too; I'll try that too and see what I come up with.
            Thanks to all, I'll be baking happy

            1. re: katw

              If you can get your hands on the recipe for the bread Jimmy Buff's uses then you'll be *very* close to what you want. Perhaps there's a copycat recipe out there for you.

              Look at [4:16] or [4:17] to get the best image of their bread.

              Jimmy Buffs -->