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Jun 23, 2008 08:55 PM

Road trip: Iowa, Miss. River, MN, UP, Ontario, Montreal, VT, NY, PA, MI

My wife and I are taking a circle tour kinda-sorta of the Great Lakes. The trip is roughly: Chicago → Iowa City → Trempealeau, WI → Mississipi River → Minneapolis → Apostle Islands/Lake Superior → Upper Peninsula → Mackinac Island → Sault Ste Marie → Sudbury, Ontario → Montreal → Quebec City → Lake Champlain, Vermont → Adirondack Mountains → Niagara Falls → Pittsburgh → Ypsilanti, Michigan → Chicago. (Here is the vaguely USA-shaped route we're probably-maybe taking, via GoogleMaps:


We're interested in seeing all sorts of stuff, but most important to us are the restaurants. I'd be happy to base the entire route on hitting three good spots a day. We've got a few ideas, from these boards, Roadfood, and the Road Trip USA book, but we still have lots of gaps. If you've been to those destinations, or on those paths, where would you recommend we stop?

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  1. How fun!

    For the Canadian stops along your journey, you'll need to post on the Quebec and Ontario boards...

    Minneapolis St. Paul is well-documented on this board, so, you might just start following the board or give us some more specific parameters.

    Here's a pretty comprehensive and recent visitor spending a month in MSP thread

    Here's a recent MSP "hot and trendy" thread

    Here's a recent MSP "best the cities have to offer" thread

    Here's another visiting MSP thread

    Here's my post (with photos) about Duluth from about a year ago. Needs updating.

    Everyone loves Russ Kendall's though I haven't personally made it there yet, alas

    Here's a recent Minneapolis to Duluth thread.

    Here's an old but still active Iowa City thread.

    Have fun! And please report back with your picks, pans and discoveries!


    1. If you will be in the Iowa City area for dinner, travel north from there toward Cedar Rapids, and then detour 10 miles east to Mount Vernon. There you will find Lincoln Cafe (link below). A hidden gem for dinner.

      If you are traveling on the Wisconsin side of the Mississippi, there are a number of places from Pepin on north. In Pepin, Harbor View Cafe. In Arkansaw (very small detour), Easy Creek Bistro. In Stockholm, Bogus Creek Cafe. I'm sure others can add to a Mississippi River list.

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      1. re: Brad Ballinger

        When will you be coming to the Iowa City area? Brad is correct that the Lincoln Cafe is a great stop (and BYOB!) but the road from Iowa City to Mt. Vernon is closed due to the horrible flooding we had two weeks ago. You can still get there, but it is a round about route. No news on when the road will be opened, so be sure to check before you go. If you're coming soon, I'd highly recommend the Motley Cow Cafe in downtown Iowa City. Great local, sustainable, organic, slow food with a nice wine list.


      2. Hi:

        Please keep the responses here limited to suggestions in the Midwest.


        1. Any particular reason why you are going to Ypsilanti, MI and not Ann Arbor. I mean, they are only about 7 miles apart but you'd have more chow opportunities in Ann Arbor. There is a great little nostalgic drive-in in Ypsi called the Chick Inn.

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          1. re: charlesbois

            Likewise, if you're into real Midwest retro, hit Haab's in downtown Ypsilanti.

            In SE Michigan, try Middle Eastern food. Hit Pita Pita on Washtenaw in Ypsilanti. A notorious Ypsi breakfast place is the Bomber on E. Michigan Ave.--portions beyond enormous. Was featured on some kind of national program.

            1. re: Jim M

              Sidetrack in Ypsi's Depot Town has great burgers (I think they were one of Esquire's top 20 in the USA), and sidewalk seating where you can watch the trains. Depot Town has some cute stores, a lot of antiques.

          2. Sounds like a great trip! I haven't been up-and-over that way for a while, but here's a thread from last summer on the Lake Superior Circle Tour:

            roadtrip from chicago through WI, around lake superior, through MI and back. where to eat?

            When you get to Marquette, you gotta go to Jilbert's Dairy for ice cream. For meals, there are lots of good choices - I like the breakfasts at the Sweetwater Cafe. Here are some threads on Marquette and the UP:

            Must-Eat Joints in Michigan's U.P.

            UP: Best cudighi in Marquette?

            Cherry Pie in the UP

            Pasties in Michigan?

            Wisconsin - Michigan Road Trip

            And when you get to Chicago, the world's your oyster. What a great eating town! The hounds on the Chicago board are really helpful - do a little searching, then ask for specifics and you'll get a ton of information. (Click on my name and check my recent posts - a page or two back - for my recent Chicago dining adventures.)