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Jun 23, 2008 06:17 PM

Headin' to the beach - what to take?

We have a rental in Hilton Head Island for the week and they typically have poorly stocked kitchens & abused knives, pots & pans. So, I'm putting together a list of necessities. I don't want to have to purchase EVERYTHING at the island grocery store once I'm there. Things on the list so far:

Chef's knife
wine tool
saran wrap
pepper mill
kosher salt
Old Bay
fresh mint (mojitos)
peanut butter
fresh bkfst sausage (local)
local hot dogs

We sometimes make a dish and freeze it too. Lasagna, pork bbq, etc. What are your kitchen/food must haves for your summer vacation?

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  1. We always have spinach dip, pasta salad, and beef cheese ball. We tend to snack alot and these items are all devoured in the evenings when we sit around and play board games, read, or watch movies. We just got back from a week in OD, SC and I swear we all gained at least 5 lbs.

    1. We usually like to make a spaghetti sauce when away for awhile. We pack up our individual spices rather than buy them out. Lotsa ziplocs as well for all kindsa stuff. Depending on where we're going, I'll sometimes bring locally brewed beer (from home), which you can't get at our destination, to share with others.

      1. I just got back from Holden Beach, SC and I'm glad to have packed: a good bottle of olive oil, a few varieties of good rice, quality flours, pasta and soba, fresh ginger, spices and a Mediterranean red pepper spread. With some fresh herbs and vinegar, I made vinaigrette and sweet/sour sauces for pasta, a stir fry and rice salads that stored well and complemented local produce and proteins.

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          Olive oil - Thanks for reminding me. I always make my own vinaigrettes at home so I suppose I'll take some balsamic vin. also.

          Oh, I think Holden Beach is in NC. Just north of the SC border. It's a lovely, peaceful beach.

          1. re: trentyzan

            Holden is close to the border but it's definitely NC. We were there last year and wished we had planned to do more cooking at home because there really aren't many good restaurants around. We went to one local seafood place just off the island and it was awful with a very long wait. Lynn - how about confectioner's sugar for those mojitos? I would take advantage of our local Trader Joe's and stock up on cheese, snacks and nuts. We always bring 12-packs of Diet Coke and Fresca.

            1. re: southernitalian

              We make simple syrup for our mojitos, so i'll probably just take some table sugar and boil it when we get down there. I'm absolutely going to TJ's to stock on all the things you mentioned plus peanut butter pretzels. You betcha. Already have the Diet coke and LL seltzer!

          2. bring nothing. relax. it's a vacation. that's why they invented restaurants.

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              Cooking is relaxing for me. And much healthier than dining out which is why we're renting a place rather than staying in a hotel. Not to mention, HH isn't exactly known for an abundance of fabulous restos.

              1. re: lynnlato

                I agree - I cook most nights when we go on our annual vacation to visit family in Northern Wisconsin. They are reasonably well supplied etc. (not great, but I make due), but I always bring a good knife.

                This year we are planning to ship food overnight - cheeses, prosciutto, good olive oil, etc., rather than stopping at markets in Minneapolis. I come up with the menus ahead of time - usually a theme - Spanish, Italian, etc., and come up up with grocery lists. But, we fly there, so we can't bring much with us. I have in past years put certain spices that I'll need in ziplock bags, so that I don't have to buy them again.

                Oh - and we ship cases of wine from Sam's in Chicago!

                1. re: MMRuth

                  Impressive! "cases of wine"... I wish I was joining you folks!

                  I like the suggestion of spices in ziploc baggies as you and another poster mentioned. I'm definitely doing that.

            2. when me and the boys go to hawaii and stay in our friend's condo, i tend to do a lot of the cooking...

              pancake/waffle mix (i make and take then add liquid there)
              tuna casserole (the boys always request this, i think as a nostalgic thing)
              good fortilla chips (my new recent fave, gluten free and all, are the Tortilla Chips w/ an Identity Crisis from TJ's)
              lots of fruit - i make a huge salad bowl of it as soon as we get there
              a homemade trail mix of seeds, nuts, and dried fruit
              yogurts and cereals for lazy breakfasts, as well as oatmeal
              some cookies
              i tend to bake brownies and/or gingerbread and/or cheesecake on the first day too