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Jun 23, 2008 05:57 PM

Mini Cheesecakes: Can I use a Graham Cracker Round instead of a Nilla Wafer?

I want to make a batch of mini cheesecakes, but I don't have Nilla Wafers (and would rather try something a bit more interesting anyhow) - I have some cinnamon graham crackers that I'd like to use instead.

Every recipe I've found for mini cheesecakes has called for either a Nilla Wafer - whole - or a graham crumb crust to be pressed into the bottom of the cup for a crust. But I'm wondering: Can I cut the graham crackers into rounds and use them, whole, to make crusts the way one would a Nilla wafer? Or do I have to use go to the trouble of making little crumb crusts?


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  1. I think it is about the texture...when you use the Nilla wafer, they get a little soft from the moisture of the cheese mixture. I'm not sure a graham cracker would have the same texture (the crumb crust winds up a little more porous).

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      I agree. plus graham crackers would be REALLY hard to cut into rounds. they'd crumble immediately (unless they were stale, and that'd be no good).

    2. My 2 cents: pulverize the crackers you have make a crust. Use the bottom of a shot glass to press the crust into the mini muffin tins...makes the whole process a lot easier :)

      1. I'd do as maplesugar suggested or I just saw a recipe using Oreos instead of Nilla wafers. You could use any cookie that would fit in the muffin cup.

        1. To make the graham crackers more malleable, just leave them out unwrapped for a couple days and they'll be soft and readily formable.