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Jun 23, 2008 05:39 PM

Ripken/Myrtle beach

Going down next weekend for my son's baseball tournament. We probably won't be able to stray far from games but where can we go to eat good sushi, mexican, seafood that is very close. Anything but chains! Good margaritas a plus.

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  1. Even tho it is a chain technically, Margaritaville is my fav place and there's none up here in Baltimore. The one in MB is very fun, esp for kids, they have a "hurricane" that happens every hour or so. Very good margaritas.

    1. The Myrtle Beach moniker covers a very long area of almost 60 miles. Where are your sons games being played?

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        We are staying and playing about 1 mile from Broadway at the Beach.

      2. Couple of threads on here with pretty current info

        see if this helps!

        1. Try Thoroughbreds in North Myrtle - great continental cuisine and ambiance.

          Rios for Brazilian BBQ

          1. My parents live in Myrtle Beach (a block from Broadway) during the winter and I spend most of my visits trying to find any non-chain restaurants. They are very rare. I will recommend a great little Italian Deli called Toffinos's ( Tiny lunch place with no ambiance but the greatest eggplant parmesan subs and fabulous desserts. Chalupa's mexican restaurant (Kings Hwy @28th) has perfectly OK mexican food - their margaritas are excellent. For seafood - and more upscale - is Sea Captain's House - on the beach near 30th.

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              Thanks, great suggestions and nice list.

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                Yeah, Toffino's is a great little place. Have you tried Croissant Bakery and Cafe? It's another great little indie place. I always go for breakfast or lunch. I think dinner is a fairly recent development.

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                  Second on the Sea Captain's House. I typically avoid MB like the plague, but I have done an off season weekend just to dine there. IMO, it has slipped a little over the 10+ years that I have been dining there, but was still very good the last time I went.