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Jun 23, 2008 05:35 PM

1 day in Manhatten to eat!

Hello all,

Im going to princeton for business, and ended up taking the wife. As last time I went to Atlantic city, this time I will take a train up to Penn station. I need to know where to eat!!

Few guidelines, price isn't an issue at the moment(although im sure afterwards it will be.) We will take the train at 12:14pm and most likely take the 12am train back so about 8 hours of time in NY. I would like to eat at Papaya king since Ive seen it on TV quit a bit!
Also we would love to try some real Kobe beef. We've been looking at Megu Vs BLT prime, so any help on that front would help also, unless there are any other suggestions....

Other then that list all your ideas!! We also need sight seeing ideas other then just walking around between meals to get hungry! We wont mind eating more then twice if the food is light, we just want to be able to enjoy our steak at the end of the day!

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  1. You should add where you are from. When I go to other cities I like to eat what I can't get easily in my hometown. For example, I am from miami and deli is an abomination there (people on this board, rant about carnegie, they have no idea what bad deli really is) so I tend to eat deli when I come to nyc.

    Off the top of my head, you should not shoot for kobe, you will probably have a much better experience with a good porterhouse at a fraction of the price. You are not in japan afterall...

    1. Coming into Penn Sta., the closest Papaya King is on the corner of 7th Av. & 14th St.

      I have not been to Craftsteak, but it's on my "go to" list. Their menu includes three different wagyu steaks, one of which is from Miyazaki, Japan.

      For your in-between time, you might want to go down to the LES and wander around this historic neighborhood. I recommend you get some delicious gelato at Il Laboratorio del Gelato, 95 Orchard St., b/t Broome & Delancey. It's right next door to the Tenement Museum where you can take a tour which will show you what living on the LES was like for the immigrants who came here during the early part of the 20th century.

      Enjoy your day in NYC and Bon Appetit!

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        I'll second RGR's recommendation for Craftsteak. We've always had great meals here with a wide selection of unique steaks that are consistantly, well prepared. The atmospere is urban contemporary and really inviting after a day of touring.

        For sightseeing, you may consider taking a 2hr boat cruise around Manhattan. Circle Line does a great job and is located within a reasonable walking distance or short cab ride from Penn Station. You'll get to see many landmarks, then can easily take a cab from their pier after your tour - to visit someplace specific.

      2. Kobe beef: Le Bernardin has an delicious dish: "surf and turf" =kobe beef+white tuna
        Robuchon at 4 seasons hotel serves Kobe beef too.
        Wagyu beef: try Kai on Madison av and 69th or the new Masugen 241 Church st
        If you like steakhouse, check out Craftsteak

        1. Sorry, Im actually from NC.

          1. If you would like to try Kobe you should go to Kobe Club. The staff is very knowledgeable and will explain the difference between Wagyu beef and Kobe and they allow you to order smaller portions of the Wagyu / kobe from different regions America,Australia and Japan.