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Jun 23, 2008 04:33 PM

Good 4th of July spot?

I'm looking for a good place from which to view fireworks, without going into the thick of it on the Mall. We were thinking of Windows Over Washington at the Doubletree in Arlington, but it's a bit more than we want to spend ($115 per person). My next option is Indigo Landing, but I've been there before and I wasn't enthused about the food (although the view of the Cherry Blossom Festival fireworks was spectacular).

Does anyone know of a better place at a reasonable price?

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  1. Dinner with fireworks is getting to be kind of like New Year's Eve. Restaurants with a good view know where the money is.

    Have you considered a picnic at one of the neighborhood parks with fireworks? That's what I'd do if I wanted to celebrate a bit without a big hassle. Set up a video recorder at home to record the Monument fireworks show and watch it after your picnic.

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      Mike - I was thinking of doing a picnic, as a matter of fact. Probably on Daingerfield Island right where Indigo Landing is - just not eating at Indigo Landing.

      dcandohio - I'll take a look at both. Thanks for the suggestions!

    2. Jenny's, on Maine Avenue by the fish wharf and H20/Zanzibar always does a special. Can't vouch for the food as I've never eaten there, but the view will be excellent. It's possible that Zanzibar and H20 will have special events, too.