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Jun 23, 2008 04:27 PM

Great Food at Westgate?

A ton of stuff has recently popped up in Glendale, specifically at Westgate. Does anyone have a suggestion of what the best place would be to go for dinner Friday night?

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  1. At Westgate, I like Bar Louie, and the Yardhouse. There is also an outpost of Picazzo, the AZ chain that started in Sedona -- they do really great salads, they do woodfired pizzas with traditional or California-ish toppings. I was meeting a friend there the other week and they were late; the kitchen staff sent out a plate of wings gratis, as things were slow -- the best wings I've had in a long time. Huge and juicy and crusted in Italian spices. Some of the nicest service I've had in a while, too, so they are obviously trying to make friends with the neighborhood.

    Next to the Picazzo is a new sushi joint and combination gelato/yogurteria (I hope that's an actual word; if not, you know what I mean). I've not tried either.

    Grimaldi's is also open at, um, the other shopping center up the 101 at Northern. Forget what they're calling it.

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      I did not have a good experience at Kabuki, which is the joint next to the Picazzo output. They were out of several types of sushi and the ones they did have were a bit stale and tasteless. The miso tasted like it came out of a bag.

      The decor, I think, is a bit staid. Not that decorations have anything to do with the food, but you'd think the designer could do something other than those dratted "Vino" posters.

      Try Sweet o' Wine and Chocolate. They're a bit expensive, but the chocolate's pretty good.