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Jun 23, 2008 04:08 PM

Taste of India--Durham

My husbnad and I just had dinner at Taste of India The restaurant is not fancy, but they do have the tables set with red tablecloths and gold napkins. Vases of artificial roses add a needed touch of cheerfulness.

We were the only customers in the place, which is a shame. I found the food to be very enjoyable. Right after sitting down we were given a basket of papadum with two sauces, the usual tamarind and what I assume was mint chutney. I found the papadums very fresh tasting and not too heavily seasoned. We devoured the basket in minutes. A good start.

We shared an order of vegetable samosa--a good basic samosa, hot and not too heavy or greasy.

My husband had tandoori chicken and I got the chickpea curry. I asked for spicy and my dish had a nice, mild burn. The tandoori came on a bed of sauted onions and peppers. I am not that fond of tandoori, but it seemed to be well cooked--the piece I sampled was nicely moist.

We had the usual rice and an order of garlic naan. The naan was great--well blistered with some nice brown spot and just a hint of garlic. A wonderful bread.

All in all, everything was well-prepared, and not greasy which is often my complaint with Indian food.

With an ice tea and a water our bill came to $23.91 and I have a good amount of curry and rice leftover for lunch.

I am looking forward to a return to try some lamb. I hope they do well--it seems like a good addition to the area.

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  1. Where is this place exactly? It sounds good, especially if this all came in under $25.

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      It's on University Drive in Durham, in the same shopping center as a Food Lion and K-Mart. It's in the space where El Rodeo used to be, next door to Eastern Lights (a Chinese restaurant).

      I've not been but I passed Taste of India a while back before it opened.

    2. Tried their lunch buffet and it had a few pleasant surprises. First, lamb curry was one of the choices, a nice break from the chicken this and chicken that (which was also on offer). Second, they brought a fresh basket of naan out to the table. Freshly baken naan is light and ethereal whereas it gets hard and chewy when allowed to cool or sit around in a warming tray. Third, golab jamun was offered as a dessert choice in addition to the ubequitous rice pudding. And their price was a reasonable $7.95. However, I was disappointed a bit when looking over the dinner menu. It seemed only standard Indian dishes were offered, nothing that sets them apart. I suggested that since the owners are from Bangladesh they should offer a few Bengali dishes to set them apart from ather Indian restaurants. We'll see if they take my advice. I did like their combo platter for two. You get to try like 6 or 7 apps and entrees for $35 and for $5 moreyou can also get dessert and tea.