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Jun 23, 2008 04:03 PM

Pawley's Island/Murrell's Inlet

We are heading down for the week and I wanted to find out some good dinner spots. Also, I would like to eat some oysters while I'm at the beach even though the local ones won't be available. Thanks for any recommendations.

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  1. to get you may not have found it in your search because it is spelled Murrell's Inlet

    I have been dining in MB for 35 years and the best is in Murrells Inlet. You can not go wrong with Lee's iNLET kITCHEN or Capt Daves Dockside. Louis in Pawleys is yummy too. Check out for the best MB info

    1. Pawleys Island:

      Franks/Frank's Outback
      Louis/Louis Fish Camp
      Landolfis (exellent Italian Deli)

      Murrells Inlet:
      Divine Fish House
      Prossers BBQ (excellent oysters)
      Creek Ratz

      1. Hi. First of all, forget oysters this time of year. In pawleys try...Austins for a fine dine...Louis's has really lost it. Frank's is too crowded. For good, moderately priced italian try Pasteria 811 which is located in the Litchfield Exchange...a local's spot. Also, there is a tiny little restaurant in pawleys called the Chive Blossom, right next to Food Lion...awesome... In Murrells Inlet, try Dockside or Lees Inlet Kitchen (Dockside is on the water...lee's isn't. Or go to Russells, another locals spot. Bon Apetit!!!

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          I hate to say it but I have to agree with you about Louis'. I wonder if Louis may be focusing on his new place in Las Vegas to the detriment of Pawley's.

        2. Hi- I'm a SC native, parents now live at Pawley's. Just got back today from a visit!
          I totally second Lee's Inlet Kitchen- can't go wrong there. Just get there EARLY, cause they get so packed.

          Russell's is a great local place, too. I've had great meals there- very fresh seafood, very well cooked. Nothing fancy, but very good food, done simply and correctly.

          Louis's has been good, but was disappointing and way overpriced last time, IMO.

          If you're looking for something other than seafood, Blue Elephant has great Thai food. It's right in Murrell's Inlet, across the street and down just a bit from Lee's. The spot is small, but nice on the inside and the owner is nice and knowledgeable. He's from Thailand and cooks very well and authentically. We love to eat there. They're not open for lunch, btw and since they're small, a reservation is a good idea, though not always necessary, especially during the week.

          Landolfi's is also good, as someone else mentioned, and Ros's Rice Mill Cafe has some yummy stuff, too. It's in the Pawley's Hammock Shops, in the same complex as Louis's. They have a new outside bar/deck where you can get late afternoon apps and drinks, and they now serve dinner as well.

          Hope that's helpful!

          1. Ditto, to what Dumpling70 said! We have a house down there and love those places! I'd also suggest a short drive to Georgetown (20 mins down Highway 17), Tony's pizza is NO FRILLS but great pizza, and for the fancy fare try Rice Paddie. Even more strange sounding - for great fried chicken - pickup a box at the Walmart deli! I kid you not. Enjoy your trip!

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              You're right. Actually, the best restaurant in this area is definitely the Rice Paddy in Georgetown. Get a reservation and be thrilled with the food. This is a fine dine that is worth the trip to Georgetown. Not far from Murrells Inlet. Also in Georgetown is the River reservations required and also excellent.