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Jun 23, 2008 03:53 PM

Ideas please: wine and cheese party

The setting: wine and cheese party where guests are invited to contribute a bottle and "a cheese;" event to take place outisde on a (hopefully warm!) July evening. My brain is mush. Help me come up with a fun addition to the festivities. Maybe a crisp, unusual white with a snappy little finger food that can be prepared in advance? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Afrikando, Pick up a copy of "The Essential Fingerfood Cookbook." Hundreds of recipes for just such an occasion. As for the wines, I suggest having guests bring wine from the most obscure places known. (I recently had a terrific red wine from Lebanon.)

    1. Since you're asking your guests to bring the wine and cheese, how about some homemade crackers? There are lots of recipes out there, and you can easily provide plenty of variations, with different seeds and spices baked into to multiple batches.

      1. thanks for the suggestions. to clarify, i'm a guest--not the host.

        1. afrikando -- if you live near wallingford or pike place mkt, pick up some great cheese at bella cosa (wallingford) or delaurentis (the market), my two favorite places to buy cheese. Both can also give good wine recommendations. If you don't go obscure, you might try local!

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            Supplier to Delaurenti, and many others, PFI does a great job. Their retail outlet, Big John's PFI, is a trip-and-a-half, with a fabulous cheese case and bulk delights at bargain prices.

          2. I'm a huge fan of a nice Spanish Albarino on warm summer evenings and they seem to please a wide variety of people. If you're in Seattle is hard to go wrong with a cheese from Beecher's.

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              Second albarino.

              These two obscure Spanish whites (and slightly frizzy) are perfect for a hot summer evening with a salty finger foods:

              - Txakoli

              And Cava producer Avinyo makes a wine from muscat called AvinyĆ³ Vi D'Agulla