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Jun 23, 2008 03:32 PM

Where to eat in Port Hawksbury, NS

I'm sure this is a longshot. We'll be here for 3 days in July for a family reunion.

Any decent cuisine is appreciated. Any good bakeries as well?

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  1. I hope I am not too late to help you out. Port Hawkesbury is not considered a culinary mecca. We do have a very good Chinese food restaurant called China King. We usually opt for the menu choices rather than the buffet which they serve every night and also at lunch time. We just find food is fresher and hotter off the menu. Their special dishes, both Scheswan and Cantonese are excellent. Another popular spot is Papas Pub and the Fleur de Lis , beside Scotiabank, always serves very fresh, not fried lunch items. We have no bakery in the town. Only Sobeys and Atlantic Superstore for baked goods. I forgot to add, if you like authentic corned beef and cabbage the place to go for a Thursday lunch is the Hearthstone Inn (motel) close to the causeway. The rest of their food is just so so. If you do not mind travelling a few kilometres, ( about 30 minutes from PH) try the Stuffing Box at the Dundee Marina on the Bras DÓr Lakes. It is a beautiful setting and the food is quite good.

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      Thanks so much. I was hoping someone would weigh in. We'll be there July 10th-13th. Is the Chinese food authentic or more Chinese Canadian( like chicken balls, etc). We both dont eat red meat so the corned beef is out. I know one of the dinners planned is a lobster fest, not sure where that will be held. What about a good breakfast place?

      Also, whats a good beach to go for swimming???

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        The food at China King is of the chicken ball variety. I think their specialities are a bit more authentic. The Singapore Noodles are vegetarian and are very good. I would think a reasonable breakfast can be had at most restaurants. I can not suggest anyone in particular. the best beach would be Port Hood on Route 19. It is a favourite and the water will be warmer on the Northhumberland side rather than the Atlantic side of Cape Breton. If it is low tide it is a wonderplace to look for beach glass.

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          Thanks again. We just got the event list for the weekend. We'll probably only have 2 of those nights to eat out alone. I believe on Saturday we're going to a Lobster dinner at the firehall. Sunday is a buffet brunch at the hotel we're staying at( maritime inn). It honestly doesnt sound that appealing. Do you know about the food there?