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Jun 23, 2008 03:15 PM

Santa Barbara with 1 1/2 year old

My husband and I are going to Santa Barbara for the weekend with our 1.5 year old daughter. She's fairly well behaved in restaurants, but we won't be able to have a lingering meal. We had a great meal at Bouchon a couple of years ago, but that wouldn't be appropriate with a toddler in tow... Any lunch & dinner suggestions besides La Super Rica which is of course on our list? We're staying in Goleta but will have a car.


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  1. SB is great with a child, especially if he or she is well-behaved such as yours. Things are much more casual there. I think you should be fine dining anywhere, as long as you go early. We love Sojourner Cafe in SB and went there often (healthy, vegetarian style type food, informal.) We also loved sitting outdoors at the best sushi restaurant in CA -- Arigato on the main drag in SB. By the way when we went we had a 4 mo old and a 5 year old.