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Jun 23, 2008 03:07 PM

Best place to treat friends to for dinner?

Our best friends recently moved to Baltimore and we'd like to spoil them with a gift certificate to a wonderful restaurant in their new city - they have two little boys under the age of five so rarely get out on their own... what would you recommend? Probably better to stick to straightforward (non-ethnic) cuisine - it's what they like and would appreciate good steaks, seafood, fresh/local veggies and ingredients, nice wine list. Nothing too fancy/formal - but great food and a little bit of romance... Thanks so much!

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  1. Bicycle
    Woodberry Kitchen
    Chameleon Cafe

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    1. re: charmedgirl

      For steaks and good sides and wine, I'd consider Capital Grille downtown. For a little fancier consider Prime Rib.

    2. I was taken to The Black Olive for my birthday a couple of years ago -- I had a whole grilled pompano that was unforgettable. I loved the place -- but it has been a couple of years. Hopefully their quality is still as high as it was then.

      1. They will not be taking the children? How about Henninger's, The Chameleon Cafe, Pazo,Petit Louis or Peter's Inn.

        1. I would recommend the Dogwood. It is a small and romantic place with OUTSTANDING local food. The steaks are great, so are the veggies!