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Jun 23, 2008 02:46 PM

Birthday Party for 10 - Philly

My wife and I are celebrating our birthdays about a month apart in the fall. As its a birthday that ends in a zero for both of us, we thought we may want to celebrate by taking a group of 10 (including us) out to dinner. I'm looking to spend $30-$35 a person but not willing to settle for a boring, prix fixe menu. We are looking for a place with good food and a fun atmosphere. Because of the price constraints, I think we are better off a BYOBs where we can supply the alcohol. The last thing is I would like for the place to allow us to bring in a birthday cake for dessert. My initial thoughts are the following restaurants:

Cafe Apamate
Molcajete Mixto

Any thoughts on these places and other suggestions would be welcome!! Thanks!

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  1. I recently went to a birthday party at Molcajete Mixto. The advantages are: the space is large and they are not crowded, so it was very comfortable and we didn't feel rushed at all. They were very accommodating, splitting up salads for people who wanted to share, for instance, something I wouldn't expect. And it was comfortable for people who wanted to pull up chairs and circulate around the the long table. I thought the food was good, if not unusually inspired, though I heard very good reports about the molcajete special and the moles. They were very accommodating, so I can't imagine they'd object to your bringing a cake. It's BYO, and you can bring wine that they'll make into Sangria if you wish. And the price should be right.

    I've heard great things about Lolita (but isn't it quite small?) and Mercato.

    1. We had a large party (14?) at Lolita about a year ago and they were very accommodating. Food was good, I didn't think great but good and theymixed our margaritas for us.

      1. We had a fantastic private party at Apamate a few months ago. They worked with us to produce an amazing menu of a selection of appetizers, pinxtos, and little mains like the sandwiches and tortilla. It was a nice array of really good food, in a fun atmosphere. We had the guests BYO to make pitchers of sangria. Thank you.

        1. I think L'Angolo would be too small. I don't even know if they would do a ten top.

          1. Thanks for all the responses so far!

            Having never been to L'Angolo, but knowing that it was small, I thought that might be a problem.