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Jun 23, 2008 02:41 PM

Thanksgiving in Santa Fe

Yes, I'm planning early....

We will be flying into Albuquerque in early afternoon on Thanksgiving Day from the East Coast, then driving to Santa Fe (hopefully to a self-catering casita, otherwise a B&B). Lunch will be airport food, so we're going to need some serious sustenance for dinner to make up for it.

Any ideas of what might be open for evening meals in Santa Fe on Thanksgiving?

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  1. Thanksgiving in Santa Fe was one our favorite times! Family obligations have caused this tradition to go by wayside, unfortunately. It's been a few years, but SantaCafe was our favorite pick for T-Giving. We tried the hotel route a few times but that was pretty bad, especially the Old House in the Eldorado. Same for the Anasazi. If the Compound does Thanksgiving, I'd definitely give that some thought. Their New Year's Eve dinner is dynamite.

    1. Last Thanksgiving we went to the Galisteo Inn and really enjoyed it. It may be a trek for you if you are staying in central Santa Fe. Of course, you could just stay there and not worry about driving.

      1. First off, all of the "better" restaurants are open for Thanksgiving. Coyote Cafe/Ristra/Inn of the Anasazi/Old House/Geronimo/The Compound/Casa Sena. I may have forgotten someone but generally speaking, the statement holds.

        Most places do a special price-fixe menus rather than their regular menu and alter their hours for the holiday. Typically they serve from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. though some will open earlier; most will not be open later, probably because Thanksgiving tables are families plus they want their staff to have a shot at being with their own.

        In September begin to call around or look at websites for more information and think about making a reservation by mid October. Some places might ask for a credit card number to hold/guarantee the reservation.

        Before living here, Thanksgiving Dinner out in Santa Fe was a special treat to me. It's cool enough by then (have had the first snow of the season on Thanksgiving) to appreciate a fireplace going and the unique smell of pinon burning that is everywhere in town. Usually by 5:30 p.m. the families with kids have thinned out some and it's mostly adults. Depending how late you'll be you should have no problems.

        Albuquerque has good options too if your arrival is truly late. Santa Fe is about an hour and a quarter driving time north (62 miles).