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Jun 23, 2008 02:34 PM

MKE - Near Columbia St. Mary's?

I can't picture locations at all til I get there & remember what's in the area, but will unfortunately be spending some major time at Colombia Hospital starting tomorrow & am wondering what's in the immediate area - preferably walking distance, to eat? Is this the hospital by Whole Foods?

Address: 2025 E. Newport Avenue, MKE (cross street Maryland?)

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  1. Columbia isnt far from Whole Foods, but it would be a pretty healthy walk, 2 miles or so.

    But you will be very close to Oakland Avenue where there are many options of all kinds depending on just how far you want to walk, from Noodles & Qdoba to William Ho's & Oakland Trattoria to Oakland Gyros & Sheherazade. These are just some of the options within a half mile or so.

    I assume that your visit is in regards to the relative that you referred to when looking for food delivery services. I hope everything works out OK.

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      Oakland Avenue? That's the best news I've had in a long time!

      Thanks for your kind thoughts - it's not going to work out ok, but such is life.

    2. Yes, the north-south street is Maryland. As Fydeaux notes, Oakland Ave. (also n-s street) is the area's business district, just west of the hospital. Along with the already mentioned places, there's a new-ish place, Shiraz which serves Persian food. the original place had success downtown and then also on the west side, where it still is. This is a spin-off. Also, Carini's, an Italian place, specializing in seafood, with a lunch buffet (vegetarian, I believe). I've had good dinners there, never been to lunch, haven't had a chance to try Shiraz either.

      Another place, which would be across UWM's campus on Downer and Hampshire is Sala da Pranzo.

      With classes done for the summer, you might want to call and check to make sure they are open for lunch, but they were open yesterday when I walked by.

      Hope things go okay.