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Jun 23, 2008 02:23 PM

Rotisseria - Crazy good chicken

Rotisseria has been mentioned several times before, but I thought it deserved its own thread.

It's a small hole-in-the-wall (a nice one, though) with Peruvian charcoal-roasted chicken. (Dara M describes it well on her MN Monthly blog - ).

I finally got to Rotisseria for a take-out chicken dinner on Saturday night. Wow! I can't believe how good the chicken is. And with that spicy green sauce - I'm in heaven! (I read somewhere that classic Peruvian rotisserie chicken is supposed to have three sauces, but as I've never had it before, I didn't miss the other sauces.)

We also had rice and beans and plantains - all good. The rice was plain but especially good, and the beans were rich and tasty. The plantains were greasy and limp-ish, but not necessarily in a bad way, though I prefer my plantains crispy. Next time, I'll try the yucca.

Those of you who have been disappointed in the "unathentic" rotisserie-ness of Brasa's chicken: get yourselves down to Rotisseria! I think you'll love it. Me, I like Brasa's chicken, but now I understand what people are talking about. The smokiness, the crispy skin, the spicy sauce - oh, what bliss!

And it's quite inexpensive - a whole chicken dinner comes with two sides (enough food for 3-4 people) for $14.

Given how great the food is, I couldn't believe that it was empty at 8:30 on Saturday night. (The weather was threatening, with a black and stormy sky, but even so... ) I hope they can do OK in their new location - East Lake Street at Bloomington - it has a semi-bad rep, but it's really quite safe, with lots of people and businesses open late. There's easy access to parking (meters are free after 6pm). Best yet, there's a Mexican bakery next door! (We tried several things, all very tasty. Best were a little beige tartlet and a big slice of vanilla pound/chiffon cake with a hint of pineapple filling.)

Those in S. Mpls, take note - I think they deliver in the area, if they aren't too busy. And they certainly weren't last Saturday night...

Rotisseria has immediately gone to the top of my favorite restaurants list. Please help me keep this wonderful place open!


P.S. Has anyone tried the grilled fish or any of their other non-chicken main dishes?

1532 E Lake St, Minneapolis, MN

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  1. Yes!!!! That place is great. I do not normally love roast chicken, but it is delicious there. Last time I was there I got one order of the fish and one of the chicken. The fish was good -- kind of like the walleye plate at the state fair, but not great. The chicken is the real star of the show. My only disappointment is that I now have to drive further since they left Uptown.

    1. Blast you, don't go telling everyone my favorite chicken shop in town :P . Seriously the chicken is fantastic, so was the rice and beans, but another big reason we go is the Yucca and Plaintains, I say they are the best in the cities, better than we had in Miami, since Macho Pichu closed we haven't had any good plaintains or yucca I thought Rotisseria was gone for good, low and behold they just moved, thank to a fellow poster on here, They have been found again, introduced my inlaw to the place last week, and they were back 2 days later . I rant and rave aout how much I love this place, I noticed another guy that walked in after me felt the same exact way I did. The new neighborhood is a bit shadier though, I didn't feel uncomfortable, but it's not the best, we had a prime seat for a 7-8 squad car arrest right outside of the restaurant, but with my inlaws, wife and 18 month old I still felt safe enough. Parking is dismal as far as I know it's only street parking.

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      1. re: mnxd9

        Macho Pichu is closed???? Website is up. Their Chicken Saltado was great. Does anyone know if they are still open??

        1. re: ibew292

          Apparently they are looking for a new site--I hope they find one soon. I just tried the phone number again and it's still disconnected.


        2. Anne,

          I've been meaning to try this place. It will probably have to be eating in, though. How do you think the crispy skin and the sides would stand up to a 20-30 minute drive to my home in St. Paul?

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          1. re: Brad Ballinger

            I think the chicken would be fine on the drive - the skin is more "charred" (in a good way) than crispy, so a wait wouldn't change things too much. But could you resist eating the chicken in the car? That wonderful smell would drive me crazy, and I would probably eat half of it as I drove home.

            I know - do a scientific test: eat in for your first visit, then do take-out for the second, so you'll know for sure!


            1. re: Brad Ballinger

              I usually open the box while driving home so the skin stays crispy. I'm not sure about the sides.

            2. Couldn't agree more with your write-up Anne. The wife and I were there for lunch today and were thrilled with the food. The guy who runs the place seems like a real sweetheart too, which always makes me want to go back to a place more frequently. I can't believe how many times I have gone across the street to Mercado Central for lunch, driving right past this place and never noticing it.

              Thanks for the heads-up. And that sauce? Wow. Made me tear into the chicken like I hadn't eaten in days.


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              1. re: HuaGung

                This is a new location for them, so, you may not have driven past it TOO many times.


                1. re: The Dairy Queen

                  You're too kind to overlook my obsessive nature...(!)

                  I learned today that they've been in this spot for four months. In that time, my wife and I have been to Mercado Central AT LEAST a dozen times. Have to keep these aging eyes open a little wider I think.

              2. Went the other night, delicious! It didn't taste exactly like I remember in Peru, but good nonetheless. The yucca is especially tasty.

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                1. re: salvage7

                  I went for lunch today, and the man makes a mean chicken.

                  Smokey, charred exterior, moist, flavorful interior - especially with the Spicy Green Chili Sauce - with Rice and Beans for 15 bucks and a whole chicken - thats a great value - and the man at the counter/cook was amazingly kind, nice, funny - great little places like this make the Cities so unique and it's only a mile away from my house.

                  Never got to try it in Uptown. Thanks for reminding us Anne how good this man's chicken is! (and am glad he moved so much closer to my house) ;)