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Jun 23, 2008 02:22 PM

Cambodian restaurant on Third?

For over a year, I think, there has been a sign on the store front that Cambodian cuisine is about to open any day. The restaurant looks done. Is it ever going to open? Any news?

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  1. I was by there about 10 days ago and noticed that they are still not open - there was an old thread about this, but not sure how to find it, and an article in the NYT about the interminable delays the poor owner (who had another place) has been experiencing.

    Just found this - - sounds promising - see post at the end.

    Here's the NYT article -

    1. After all this time they have a tiny little "open" sign up. I had to laugh. Maybe it's a "soft" opening?? I would have thought they'd have a block party or something to announce to the neighborhood since we're all so used to seeing the "coming soon" sign.

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        I searched on line to see if they might be on menu pages - we're about to order in dinner and I'd love to try them, but would have no idea what to order. But will go by soon.

      2. I passed by there today and they were apparently open. As was mentioned, there was a little neon "open" sign in the window and there were a few of what appeared to be customers at the tables.