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Jun 23, 2008 02:13 PM

Indian for lunch in Dallas area

We are traveling to Dallas for the weekend and wanted to have lunch at an Indian food resturant. We have heard of India Palace and Chettinaad Palace. What are the opinions on these and does anyone have a better recommendation?

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  1. I don't work nearby so I've never gotten to try their weekday lunch buffet, but my fiance is obsessed with Pasand in Richardson. They are my favorite Indian place in the city and I've heard there is a pretty good variety at the buffet.

    A couple others are Kebab-n-Kurry and Bukhara Grill.

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    1. re: sass

      I'll second Pasand in Richardson.

      Chettinaad Palace is good and a lot more "native" style of cooking. It can be very spicy.

      I've never been to India Palace but it is THE upscale Indian restaurant in Dallas.

    2. My parents always rave about Mayuri & make it a point to visit when visiting the area (from Waco). They recently tried Flavors & said it wasn't bad but still prefer Mayuri. My vegetarian cousin recently said I should try Chettinaad Palace when in town but when I inquired with my parents, they said their non vegetarian items were disappointing; therefore, the buffet wasn't worth it for them.

      BTW, are you looking for North Indian (tandoor specialties), South Indian, or Combo?

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      1. re: ceekskat

        Second Mayuri. We've tried close to 20 Indian restaurants in DFW and we think Mayuri is the best.

        We think Pasand in Richardson is horrible. We tried Taj Majal once and didn't think it was worth going back. Have had only dinner at India Palace, but we thought it was overpriced for the quality. We're too scared to try Bukhara since the chef changed...

        1. re: kuidaore

          Horrible? Wow, that's a real shame.

          I agree that Taj Mahal is nothing special. Not bad but I'm not rushing back there any time soon.

          I also agree that India Palace is terrible overpriced/overrated.

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            Oh awesome, I work within walking distance from Mayuri. I had seen the one in Houston before but had no clue that the location in Dallas in related. Once again, thanks for the tip kuidaore. Looking forward to trying out their lunch buffet!

          2. re: ceekskat

            Thanks for the informatiob ceek, we are probably looking for Northern tandoor style dishes.

            1. re: eatanything

              In the attached thread, please note Kuidaore's suggestion of BBQ Tonite in Carrollton & note the links too. Also someone above mentioned Kebab-n-curry, haven't been to either so don't know the comparison.


              Dallas hounds, I'll leave this up to you now!

          3. I'm a big fan of India Palace. I think it is some of the best Indian in the metroplex. I've never been, but have heard very good things about Mayuri.

            1. Taj Majal at 75 and Royal has an excellent lunch buffet for $8.95. It far surpasses the multitude of Indian places in North Irving.

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              1. re: Azn Gorger

                I like Taj Mahal's lunch buffet too.

              2. I've been to the India Palace buffet (once) on Saturday, it was alright, a little boring though...nothing particularly standout. Very nice room though.