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Jun 23, 2008 02:05 PM

North Dallas Gazpacho?

It's a hot week. Where do I take the overheated for a good gazpacho?

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  1. I remember the french room in Dallas used to serve it as a starter but i'm not sure if its still on the menu..

    1. jackmack,

      I have not tried it out yet but I know they have gazpacho on the menu at Chic From Barcelona on Preston and Royal

      1. We checked out Pescabar on Sunday and the crab gazpacho was delicious. Light and citrusy with a good sized helping of lump crab.

        1. I had a nice gazpacho at Rise (Inwood plaza at lovers and tollway). I don't know whether it's a regular special on their summer menu, or just a special that day. The ham souffle is to die for as well, and don't miss the whole artichoke appetizer (just steamed with a great dipping sauce)