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Jun 23, 2008 01:34 PM

New Chinese Japanese in Kendall

Hi Hounds ! I don't post here much but like to see whats cooking in Miami so thanks to those that keep us informed . A new Chinese Restaurant named HONG KONG is at 7428 SW 117 AVE ( in the TJ MAX Plaza ) Phone # 305-270-8889 . I have not been there yet but have had delivery four times and it has been very good . The Chinese menu is the usual dishes with a few extras thrown in : The steamed Dumplings were great and Beef with Mixed Veggies had snow peas, baby corn,broccoli , mushrooms. The other side of the menu is Japanese and has a large assortment of Sushi , Sashimi and lots of Rolls and Roll Combos.
Since we all can't drive to Miami Beach every night to eat overpriced food with the beautiful people , you might want to check Hong Kong out . : )

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