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Smokey Baked Bean Epiphany

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My SO has a tendency to use the charcoal grill as a stove/oven, to cook the side dishes right next to whatever meat his is grilling. (prime example...scalloped potatoes in the cast iron skillet in the grill while beer canning a chicken)

But he took it to new heights yesterday and produced the most absurdly tasty beans on the planet. Plain ole' bushes baked beans, plus a chopped up jalepeno, a clove or two of garlic, and some sharp cheddar cheese. In a pyrex bowl. Tucked off to one corner of the grill, away from the coals. And then he threw some hickory chips on the coals.


So good. And easy. And the dirtiest pyrex bowl I've ever seen. (green scrubbie takes it right off though)

I recommend that everybody who likes smoked food give this one a try. Just tuck a little bowl of jazzed up baked beans off to the side of your meat till they are hot. Egads...if I wasn't going to already, those beans would make me marry that man.

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