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Jun 23, 2008 01:06 PM

Peet's Coffee - Great Customer Service

I work in downtown Boston, every couple weeks I treat myself to an espresso drink at Peet’s. On this particular occasion (during rush hour) I had a bad experience, related to the relative inexperience of the barista. The drink I ordered was badly made. I suspected this while in the shop and confirmed it once I reached work and tried the coffee. After I reached work, tried the coffee, and did some actual work, I decided to write to Peet’s about what had transpired. I gave an account of what I thought had gone wrong with the making of the drink and the reasons why I was upset about it, chief among them that a $4 coffee from Peet’s is something I can only treat myself to on occasion. Within two hours I had a response from the web customer-service manager for Peet’s, followed by a response from Peet’s district manager who let me know he had passed my criticism along to the store manager. Peet’s sent me cards for two free coffee drinks, one of which I used a week later. I had the same barista as on the previous occasion, but this time the espresso drink was well made and tasty. A good experience, in the end.

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