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Lobster by mail

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I am from Ohio and am craving some Maine lobster. Was thinking about ordering a bunch and having a little party. Any thoughts on best quaility and price.


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  1. Just do a general "lobster mail order" search and you will get plenty of ideas. We were just discussing this a couple of weeks ago.
    Like: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/52341...

    1. Lobsterman's co-op boothbay iv very good

      1. Send an email to Oyster River Lobster Company and see what they can do for you. Mail order is not their main focus but I think they do some, and their quality is outstanding.


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          Legal Seafood has a mail order service that is quite good. Go to their website.

        2. I've used Hancock Gourmet Lobster before - they do a great job and it also makes a terrific Christmas gift for those people on your list that have everything!http://www.hancockgourmetlobster.com/ Happy eating!