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Jun 23, 2008 12:56 PM

Fried whole belly clams

My boyfriend LOVES fried clam bellies, and we have been hunting for the best spots along I-95 to stop for lunch or dinner as we travel between New York City and Newport, RI. We've gone to Sea Swirl in Mystic, CT (meh, maybe we got them on a bad day?), Jimmy's in West Haven (pretty good) but nothing has been able to top Flo's Clam Shack in RI. Any recommendations? We're traveling again next weekend.

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  1. Flo’s Clam Shack in Newport is pretty darn great is why it's hard to top!.

    The Sea Swirl in Mystic, CT. has nice juicy bellies, lightly fried, and a great tartar sauce. Plus, they're right on the water.

    I've read that Bigelow’s Seafood in Rockville Center NY has some of the best fried clam bellies around.

    Hope that helps!

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      Bigelow's is great. It is easy to stop there if you are on your way to Jones Beach, Fire Island, Hamptons, or any other destinations on the South Shore of LI.

    2. Nothing tops Bigelow's in Rockville Centre! They use a corn meal crust that gives just the right sweetness... (I grew up there)

      BUT - actually the Oyster bar right in Grand Central does a pretty good clam belly.

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        give them a call, you will be surprised that it is not corn meal. see if they give you the name of the secret ingredient.

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        1. I would have to say Jimmy's is probably your best bet in Conn.

          1. I was born and raised in CT but haven't been living in that area for almost a decade but I remember a couple of place in SE CT that might still be as good as they were then for whole belly fried clams. Maybe some residents of that area can chime in and give a review?

            Unks on the Bay: Rope Ferry Road in Waterford CT
            Fred's Shanty: Pequot Ave in New London CT
            Flander's Fish Market in Niantic CT or East Lyme CT
            There was another place in Noank and I can't recall the name of it. Sorry

            Hope this helps

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