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Jun 23, 2008 12:26 PM

23rd Birthday Party resto-night club suggestions?

I'm organizing a birthday party for a friend who is turning 23 on July 18, 2008, but am needing some help in making a wise venue choice. I recently moved to Toronto from Vancouver, so I'm very unfamiliar with the Toronto night life/restaurant scene.

The party is for upwards of 10-15 people. I'm looking to have the event in a slightly more upscale setting, where dinner is served earlier in the evening, then the place transitions into a night club space. A full sit down dinner isn't necessary, but would be preferred. Communal dining would also be a fun alternative. So far, I've only tried one place called Brant House. Great location, but only 25 and over. Does anyone else have any suggestions? My budget currently sits at about $25-35/person, but anything reasonable will certainly be considered. Music wise, we're not terribly picky, though top 40 never disappoints.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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  1. Couple of questions about your first... Does it count food only or food and alcohol? Pre-tax+tip or post?

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      Do yourself a favour! This city does not do resto-lounges well. My advice would be to make a late dinner reservation at Spice Route via, say 10pm, and tell everyone to have a light dinner first. This way you can sample and shmooze over their communal dishes, and transition into the lounge in good time.

      For a not as upscale alternative, but better food, try and see if you can reserve the private room at Supermarket.

      1. I haven't been in half a year, but Brant House is one of my favoutites. I love the music they play and the way the DJ mixes it and it's def more upscale (no underaged kids in here!)

        I haven't done the prix fixe before, but it's $35. It might be worth checking out.

        1. My suggestions (purely based on the theme of dinner + dancing) are: Ultra Supper Club or Maro. Brant House went downhill recently. I went about 2 months ago on a Friday night and it was relatively empty compared to how it used to be.

          I've never had food at Ultra, but I would assume they would do a decent job to please younger crowd. I had dinner at Maro once and it was alright. I like both places, but I feel like Ultra is more happening on Fridays than Maro.

          1. You could also try Li'ly Resto Lounge on College St - they have a tapas style menu and a lounge/dance option later in the evening, if you like the College crowd...but there isn't really anything that fits exactly what you are looking for. I would eat first at a "nice" restaurant and move your party over to a dance club near by...Do you really want to spend 3-5 hrs at the same place anyways who can neither do both food and club well???

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            1. re: The perfect bite

              My main motivation for holding the event all in the same place is to simply avoid having to pay cover again! Hahaha (University student mentality I guess?) But if you guys have any ideas for venues which are in close proximity to each other (or at the very least, reasonably close) then by all means throw 'em down! I'd love to hear any and all suggestions you guys may have. As long as there's a meal to start with, then after supper dancing, the brief is met.

              1. re: marc_x

                imho, you'd really need to go to a restaurant then to a club afterwards, and the difference in experience is probably worth whatever you're paying in cover.

                Or you can do what a typical 23 year old/university student would do and have a few drinks, eat dinner, get hammered after dinner and then go out to the club.

            2. What about Supermarket in Kensington? Food is quite good, will be within your price range and it's a awesome place to party once it switches over from restaurant.