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Jun 23, 2008 12:11 PM

Appetizers and Champagne...

So I'm trying to come up with a place to sit and have good appetizers and a bottle of Champagne for a celebration? Any great options come to mind that have both a good appetizer menu but are nice enough to sit and schmooze for a while over a good bottle? The best i have come up with are Eddie V's and potentially the bar at the Four Seasons. Any other suggestions you can come up with?

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  1. Not quite as fancy as what you mentioned, but Freda's does some great HH half priced appetizers, crab salad stuffed avocados for $4, dozen oysters for $6, crab cakes, calamari, etc.
    Ladies get a free glass of champagne on Thursdays,s o you could start with a free glass then get a bottle. They have a piano player in the bar area, or you can sit out on the patio.

    Congrats on your celebration!

    1. parkside on wednesday has halfprice oysters and champagne. all the entrees i've seen there probably could be considered "small plates".

      also, vino vino has a great selection of bubbly, but I've only ever had dessert there. they seem to have an aggressive app menu though.

      There is always malaga tapas, but i haven' t been there in years.

      1. Fino's happy hour is 5-7 M-F and has half-priced sparkling wine and small plates. the goat cheese w/ onion jam and honey is very tasty. and the (upstairs) patio is quite comfy.

        1. Vino Vino for sure. Extensive appetizer menu and more interesting bubbly selection than any other place in the city. Great atmosphere too. They have a couple of bubbles by the glass on the list, but they will open any bottle for you and serve it by the glass.

          1. Cru (in the Domain, anyway) has 1/2 off bottles of champagne on Sunday afternoons, and their appetizers are really nice. They have both indoor and outdoor seating now.