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Jun 23, 2008 12:00 PM


What's good in Venice. Having to do the sightseeing thing with relatives. Might as well find something good to eat.

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  1. Depending of course on Night, No. Of Guests, Budget etc.

    Joes - American
    Axe - Eclectic

    Pretty Good:
    Hal's - American
    Chaya Venice - Cal Asian
    26 Beach - American
    Jame's Beach - Cal Asian-ish
    Beechwood - American
    Primitivo - Tapas - Spanish-ish
    Alejos - Down & Dirty & Cheap Strip Mall Italian
    Tajrish - Persian

    So So:
    C & O - Huge Bowls Of So So Pasta and crappy wine

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      Agree w/ most of these, in addition to 3 square, jin, and chaya below listed.

      i also like brunch or lunch at lilly's french cafe.

      skip C&O; it's not a destination by any means - it has it's times when it fulfills a purpose but not worth it for an everyday meal.

      closeby in Marina Del Rey, Cafe del Rey is a nice choice too

      If you want to come up to Santa Monica, there's even more choices that I'd do w/ tourists like...
      Monte Alban for Oaxacan
      Bay Cities Deli for sammies
      Josie or Melisse or Jiraffe if not Joe's
      Musha for Japanese
      Anisette for brunch
      The Lobster for drinks, apps and view, or maybe dinner
      The Penthouse at the Huntley for drinks and view only

      1. re: WileysHungryAgain

        to me, c&o is far superior to alejo's:
        not great, just superior to alejo's awful stuff which is all doused in cheap oil that has had minced raw garlic soaking in it. they even serve the oil with the bread they deliver to the table. i guess if you like everything to taste of raw garlic (and to reek of it yourself and not be able to get the taste of it out of your mouth for days), you could do just as well by making the stuff at home and serving it over rubber bands.. . .

        1. re: WileysHungryAgain

          i agree with most of your reccomendations, but disagree re: tajrish.
          since it's pretty easy to get really good persian food on the westside for much less money, i'd skip tajrish which serves food that imho is only passable (with lousy rice) at a much higher price:quality/quantity ratio than the others.

          at 26 beach, virtually everyone who i've brought there that ordered either one of the burgers or any of the salads, left EXTREMELY satisfied. there was less unanimity among the folks that ordered the other entrees.

          my favorite is the tuscan salad, but i've been happy with every salad i've ever ordered there.

          at chaya venice, if you go on a sunday i'd recommend that you don't order the sushi. it's ok during the week, but on sunday's it's not as reliable.

          for weekend brunch, i like cafe del rey (in marina del rey) which overlooks the boats in the marina and is a lovely, civilized place to take visitors. on sunday's they offer a prix fixe 3 course brunch for about $40 before tip

        2. Baby Blues BBQ on the east side of Lincoln just north of the Smart & Final (on Rose?) has pretty good food and a casual Venice vibe. I like the pulled pork and the ribs, the brisket is not sliced but stringy.

          1. Jin Patisserie, joes, 3 square cafe are all good.

            1. Chaya Venice is always a big hit with tourists - good food and true California vibe.

              1. Sorry, but IMO Baby Blues might be the worst BBQ I've ever had. But what do I know, I'm constantly astonished by the line out the door.

                Everything taste the same. Do they actually use hardwoods in their cooking at all? I live right around the corner and have never smelled it emanating from the vents.