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Jun 23, 2008 11:56 AM

Places to study/drink coffee in Baltimore

Hi! I just moved to Baltimore (Hampden area) and am looking for coffee shops where I can study or read. I tried One World Cafe but it was a bit loud for my taste. Any ideas? Thanks :)

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  1. City Cafe on Eager St. is a classic "study hall." The music can be a problem at times.


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      I second City Cafe and there's also Evergreen on Cold Spring Lane.

      1. re: chowsearch

        City Cafe can get loud at times, too, but generally it's more like background noise. Free wifi.

        If you like it quiet, Gigi's on Charles and Eager (about 1.5 blocks from City Cafe) is a better bet. Also free wifi. At least, it was like that when I used to live near there a little over a year ago.

    2. Check out Koba Cafe in the 600 block of Fort, between Federal Hill and Locust Point. The food is mediocre, but the coffee and other drinks are good. They converted the entire upstairs into a very comfortable and usually quiet sitting area with couches, chairs, tables, etc. Free WiFi too.

      1. If you are willing to do tea instead of coffee, Teavolve on Eastern in Fells Point is a great place to hang out. You can get a pot of tea and nurse it for hours. Free wi-fi and just really nice people who run it.

        1705 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD 21231

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          I am a tea fiend, and stopped at teavolve. I found their iced teas atrocious. Not just bad, but horrible. I was hoping for tea and instead we got some syrupy grossness. Also, the vibe there (at least when I stopped in) was very old lady'ish.

        2. If you're heading south and east, you could also check out Bluehouse, which has been really quiet when I've been there, with free wi-fi, too.

          1. What about ChocolaTea? It is a chocolate, tea, coffee, asian bistro spot by Johns Hopkins. It's very close to Hampden (if you are new to the area, just take 40th out to University and then a left on 39th).

            I've only been once, but it seemed like a place that was pretty quiet. If you go, post back with your thoughts.

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