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Jun 23, 2008 11:54 AM

Celebration Meal in Durham NC?

I'm going to be taking some friends out to celebrate their anniversary in Late August and was wondering what would be a dining choice for a nice "celebration-style" meal in Durham. We have been to Rue Cler and the Angus Barn for prior evenings out. I am looking for a nice place that isn't too stuffy (I'd prefer to not have to pack a jacket and tie...), but I'm open to ideas/options...

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  1. Pancuito is a hop, skip, and a jump from Durham over in Hillsborough.

    It is not formal in dress, but is a nice high end restaurant with southern and italian roots, a chef with a good reputation, and you would need reservations. It's a very small menu, but if you email them the week you want to go, they're pretty good about letting you know what they're having that week.

    They tend to use local items, and stuff that is in season, so the menu varies widely.

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      A couple of places in Durham that might be of interest to you are Watts Grocery and Piedmont, both of which have been reviewed here. The chefs at these 2 use local ingredients in very different, but wonderful food. Both restaurant spaces are comfortable, not stuffy.

      And a perennial favorite of mine is Pop's. We just went there recently for a birthday dinner and had another enjoyable meal.

    2. Is there anywhere around here that requires a jacket and tie? I sure hope not.

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        Yeah, I don't think so. Most places require shoes and shirt. None require socks or a tie!

      2. Watts Grocery and Piedmont would both work. It's also worth considering the long-standing fine dining options of Magnolia Grill, Nana's and Four Square. If the weather is nice dining on the veranda at Four Square is delightful. Come to think of it, Vin Rouge and Blu Seafood are also excellent. What a great selection of good restaurants we have in Durham!

        1. I second the votes for Nana's, Magnolia Grille and/or Four Square. I live in Raleigh now but still drive over to Durham once a month to visit one of the 3; it may nostalgia but I still love those restaurants even after all these years!