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Jun 23, 2008 11:51 AM

Best pho/vietnamese

I'll be staying in Brentwood (by the 405 and Sunset blvd). Can you please recommend the best Vietnamese restaurant in LA?

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  1. Sorry to inform you but you will need to drive over to SGV or Little Saigon. There is no 1 stop shop for great vietnamese food, merely shops that fill to a certain niche: so a descriptor of what you're looking for would be great.

    Thus far, I have found Golden Deli in Alhambra to be my go-to 'all around' vietnamese restaurant.

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      Driving is fine, last time I visited LA pho and vietnamese food was much better than what I could find in NY. Wanted to check out a popular place with great food.

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        Golden Deli is actually in San Gabriel although it borders Alhambra. Golden Deli is a good choice in the SGV. Here's some more info:

      2. Pho So 1 just up the 405 in Van Nuys, corner of Sepulveda and Victory, is pretty decent. Way better than all other westside Vietnamese. Other than that, you'll have to drive quite a ways farther to SGV or Westminster.

        1. Here's a chow map for you:

          You really do have to head to SGV or Little Saigon. Pho So 1 in Van Nuys is decent enough to recommend for those trapped Westsiders (you know the ones: anything east of La Cienega counts as "the east side"), but really, your best bet is to set aside an extra ten minutes of travel time and just go to SGV.

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              san gabriel valley

              pretty much anything on the 10E between Fremont and Santa Anita

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                Actually I think the SGV probably spans beyond just Santa Anita, and should include points up to the Fwy 57.

                After all, Rowland Heights, Industry, etc. are all part of the SGV.

          1. One of our hound-gods, Erik M, just did this amazing write up that includes a remarkable in-depth Pho sure and look at his pictures as well....mind boggling!