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Jun 23, 2008 11:16 AM

Baltimore area, live crabs, where?

Hi ,
The wife and I will be in Baltimore on Thursday and would love to buy some live blue crabs, (Jumbos) , please help a fellow Hound find out where he can buy these live crabs.
Why live? we love eating them fresh steamed.

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  1. I get mine at Chris' Seafood, on Montford Ave. in Canton.

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      1. re: openonymous

        It's in the Canton area of Baltimore City, east of the Inner Harbor.
        What area will you be in?

    1. I just saw some pretty nice ones at the seafood stall in Broadway Market. I poked at them, and they were kicking. Didn't ask the price, though, since I was buying a white bass at the time.

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      1. re: mobtown999

        I bought 4 dozen XL live crabs from Bill's Seafood in Perry Hall for $180. Seasoned and steamed them myself, good stuff. They also do bushels of m,L, and XL crabs for $200, Usually 6-7 doz in a bushel.

        1. re: bmore_flavor

          Just got back from Conrad's with a couple dozen mediums. They are 100% Upper Bay Chesapeake. Can't wait to taste them tonight. They are doing a special on light bushels today for $99. Call before for availability. I go to Conrad's every time I'm steaming crabs hon.....

        2. re: mobtown999

          If you poke at them and they don't kick, they're dead and shouldn't be eaten. Not exactly a sign of quality, just existing.

          1. re: ko1

            Gaffneys on Highland Ave in Highlandtown. It is in the city, & after trying all the other places, it's our only go to these days.

            1. re: kelarry

              The downside of Gaffney's for me is that they don't open until 4 PM, and I usually like to get my (live) crabs earlier than that. And parking is bad, but I can live with that.