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Jun 23, 2008 11:15 AM


So our 2 month dessert cookbook period is coming to an end. Now’s the time to post your suggestions, demands, opinions, etc. regarding the next 2-month span (July and August).

As usual, try to keep general chatting to a minimum so that I can find your votes.

I’ll keep this thread up for a week so you’ll have time to think about your choices.

As usual, I’d love to suggest Breakfast Lunch Tea (recipes from the Rose Bakery in Paris), but it’s out of print and very expensive on Amazon. I just made her apricot almond tart (fresh apricots from the CSA box and frangipane of almonds) – amazingly good. Sigh.

It's also possible to use a website as COTM, such as David Lebovitz' site from Paris. Sigh again. I'm sure there are a number of good ones.

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  1. Amazon seems to be stocking BL&T/Rose Bakery right now, so, it looks quite affordable (under $20)--therefore, I would be fine with this book.

    I would also really love to do TARTINE BY PRUEITT & ROBERTSON

    Also, I would still love to do PERFECT SCOOP BY LEBOVITZ

    Oh! And the SWEET SPOT by ONG sounded really neat, too.


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    1. re: The Dairy Queen

      We could always combine PERFECT SCOOP with Lebovitz's web site, for lots of non-frozen dessert option. I'd be in favor of that that.

    2. I love PERFECT SCOOP, so I'd be in on that, but we discussed it at length last summer already. I'd also suggest CHEZ PANISSE DESSERTS, because I've made wonderful things out of that book. I like the suggestion of TARTINE as well, because I've had good luck with that book.

      1. I vote for "BUTTER, SUGAR, FLOUR, EGGS" by Gale Gand. I know it's been around for awhile, but I love Gale's style and enjoy her ideas. I've made a few things of hers and they always come out beautifully. I also like the idea of "TARTINE", but I'm a little intimidated -- but maybe that's the perfect reason to suggest it!

        1. I should remember but I don't remember, oakjoan. At this stage, do we suggest just one or can we suggest more than one?

          If it's just one, I would go with THE SWEET SPOT, by Pichet Ong. He came from many great places including Chez Panisse and Jean Georges. He owns P*ONG in NYC. His desserts are western with just a little asian twist or a few that are more asian but with a western twist. Many are not that exotic but almost all look really interesting. There are some baked things, some fruit things, some frozen things like ice creams and sherbets and other things.

          Another book I think we would really like for time after next is Desserts by the Yard by Sherry Yard. That one has a few concord grape dessert recipes that would be great to try when the concord grapes are in a little later.

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          1. re: karykat

            karykat: You may suggest as many as you wish....within reason, of course! No listing of 400 dessert cookbooks, eh?

            Another note here: Keep in mind that some folks don't have ice-cream makers and wouldn't be able to participate. I suggest that we have another, non-ice cream book, in addition so that people who can't freeze won't be frozen out.

            1. re: oakjoan

              Good wordsmithing, oakjoan. Cooks are good. Literate cooks are great.

              1. re: pikawicca

                One option would be David Leibovitz' ice cream book and then another one of his other two books ROOM FOR DESSERT or RIPE FOR DESSERT (which has recipes using fruit -- which might be timely.)They both have great stuff.

                I would also point out that The Sweet Spot also has a good number of frozen desserts.

              2. re: oakjoan

                I appreciate that keeping the COTM ball rolling is tuff. And adding a DCOTM is additionally tough. So I hate to ask this, but.... How is two books for two months better than one book for one month, twice?

                1. re: yayadave

                  I can't speak for oakjoan, but I'm under the impression that we're just looking for one book for the two months. I think last time around was a Medrich "combo," which isn't necessarily something we'll always want to do.

                  As for books for July and August, I'm open to anything that doesn't require baking in the oven. Maybe the Sweet Spot would be a good call, since it has frozen desserts but (I'm guessing?) doesn't require any special equipment (ice cream maker).


                  1. re: yayadave

                    Dear YYD: Well, it's partially a great idea because, if the book is up longer, it's less overwhelming if one wants to participate in both threads. It was also done to make the moderator's (not only me, but those who follow) job a little less hectic. Having to deal with voting for both COTM and DCOTM every month is...well, you get the picture.

                    The 2 book/2 mos idea came about because some folks were more interested in one book rather than another and that people would have a double chance of getting the book out of the library, etc.

                    In this first period, the 2 books were also chosen because one is a low-fat cookbook and several folks were dieting and yet wanted to participate.

                    1. re: oakjoan

                      I would say that making it easier for the moderator is reason enough.

                  2. re: oakjoan

                    Funnily enough, I just went to Amazon to look up Perfect Scoop and noticed Leibovitz has an Amazon blog wherein the last post is on making ice cream without an ice cream maker.


                    1. re: The Dairy Queen

                      DQ: Is this a different blog from the one I've been looking at for the past year? "Why don't you go look at it yourself instead of bothering me?" says DQ, making perfect sense.

                      1. re: oakjoan

                        I think it might be a different one, actually, oakjoan. I'm assuming you're looking at Amazon has this "blogging" feature it offers authors launching new books. Just go find "The Perfect Scoop" on and scroll down a pit and see what they call a "blog". Do go ahead and look at it if you're curious. I just thought it was interesting.


                      2. re: The Dairy Queen

                        Okay, sorry for mentioning Delia Smith again (!) but I used her technique to make ice cream before I ever had an ice cream maker:


                        My ice cream always turned out great (Hazelnut Crunch - yum!) and I did this for a few years every summer until I bought my ice cream maker.

                  3. All Leb all the time . . .
                    DAVID LEBOVITZ' site and ALL his books is my nomination!

                    I do appreciate your steadfast Breakfast Lunch Tea reporting, oakjoan
                    wish I wasn't as swamped and had time to cook during the week again...hope you all are having a beautiful summer!

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                    1. re: pitu

                      Now THAT'S a 2 or 3 month suggestion.

                      1. re: pitu

                        Maybe Rose Bakery could be reserved for another time of the year. It seems a shame to miss ice cream weather and an ice cream book. (Except for our friends Down Under.)

                        1. re: yayadave

                          In regard to Breakfast, Lunch and Tea, I don't really think it's a viable choice for this group. It's not widely available and it's pretty expensive, although Greedy Girl has found some cheaper copies on Amazon. I don't think there are any online recipes either. Oh how I wish this were not true! I just made a magnificent apricot almond tart with some apricots I got in my CSA box. Talk about heavenly!