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Jun 23, 2008 10:54 AM

sherry wine vinegar substitution

could I substitute another kind of vinegar for sherry wine without any major ill effects? I don't really mind if it tastes differently.

any suggestions on which kind to use? I have red wine, balsamic, rice, apple, etc.

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  1. Of all that you've listed, the red wine is probably you best first substitute. I'd worry that the rice would be too light, the balsamic to heavy, and the apple to acidic.

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    1. re: everydayfoodie

      Red would be my first choice too. Perhaps cider vinegar, depending on the use and recipe, etc.

      1. re: cocktailhour

        I agree w/ red wine vinegar, or maybe even half red/half white. Sherry vinegar does have a distinctive taste, and I'd be hesitant to use cider vinegar (though I also just don't like cider vinegar!).

    2. thanks! I'm making gazpacho.

      maybe I'll do a taste test and try a little of the red wine and white vs. red wine, etc.

      1. I have trouble finding it, but Champagne vinegar might be a good substitute if you can find it.

        1. i'd think red wine vinegar as a sub in the gazpacho. which did you use and how did it turn out for you?

          1. The gazpacho recipe I use calls for red wine vinegar from the getgo. But in the past I've flamed off a little sherry and mixed it with rice vinegar to get the sherry taste. Can't seem to find sherry vinegar on the shelves of the local stores. Every other type of vinegar including raspberry but not sherry.