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Jun 23, 2008 10:40 AM

What is new for 2008 in Rehoboth And Bethany?

Every new season we are greeted with new restaurants or ownership changes with fine dining in Bethany and Rehoboth. We are headed that way for the summer. Can anyone comment on what has changed for summer of 2008?

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  1. Any Chow hounds out there in Bethany Beach, OC, or Rehoboth?

    1. Greetings from Rehoboth! New this year:

      Delfinis -- Italian, haven't been there yet
      Stingrey -- Asian fusion, not open yet (soon)
      Spiaggia -- italian, haven't been there yet
      Porchini House -- Italian, liked it (especially the flatbreads)
      Seafood Shack -- new owners, same menu, nothing spectacular
      Ovations (not open yet)
      Blue -- contemporary seafood (heard good things)
      Shag -- gourmet comfort food (heard mixed reviews)
      Boyle Brothers -- decent deli food
      Five Guys -- hamburger chain
      Grazie -- gelato & takeout
      Greenman -- my favorite of the new places, an organic bistro
      Starbucks -- yep

      New Shops/Businesses: Celebrations Mall, Cultured Pearl Mall, Theater
      of the Arts, Hotel Rehoboth, Jeff West Homes, Ward Ellinger Gallery,
      Mod Cottage, Detail Gallery, Beach Fun Rentals (3 wheel mini
      cars -- very fun!!!)

      New infrastructure: Lake Gerar Bridge rebuilt, Route 1 widened, Lewes-
      Rehoboth bike path completed, Bronze Dolphin unveiled, Rehoboth
      Museum opened, CAMP Community Center expanding.

      New Events: Art Walks, Farmers Market (Tuesdays 12 - 4), Summer Kick-Off Parade.
      Awards: Cape Henlopen AARP Top Beach, SBA Small Business Community of
      the Year.

      (last few paragraphs quoted from Chris Riss' beach buzz)

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      1. re: cloneme

        Thanks. Did I read that Spiaggia is the same group as Fish On!? Where are Stingrey and Blue located? Am looking for something new besides the very good and very reliable, Red Fin, Catch 22, La La Land, Galaxy, Liquid Assets, Back Porch, Northeast and Eden. Have also had good meals in th epast at Planet X, Zebra, Espuma, Taste but these tend to change over the years. We have not yet tried Nage or 59 Lake, but am ready for a good season. Do you rate any of the new ones in one of those 2 groups I listed above? thanks

        1. re: rfiver

          Just wanted to make note that Stingray took the spot of 59 Lake. No chance of trying that one. Stingray should be open really soon. I'm a huge fan of Mikimoto's, so I'm waiting patiently also.

          1. re: meredity

            Great. Had a very nice family dinner at De Febo's the other night, so I'd add that to the list. I hear Spiaggia had to change names, will likely try that later in the summer. I had missed Parkway on the earlier post...another very reliable place.

            1. re: meredity

              We were down in Rehoboth last weekend and got a chance to try a couple new places. On Saturday night for dinner we went to Porcini House. On Sunday for lunch we went to Blue. I was so dissapointed that we missed Stingray, it was opening the day after we left.

              Porcini house was good. It was the two of us and two teenagers, with adventurous appetites. They split a plate of 3 cheese, all of which were great. I had the tuna tartare appetizer. It was very tasty, but cut into such tiny pieces it almost seemed like ground tuna. Three of us tried a risotto, the 14 year had the Kobe hotdog. He wasn't overly impressed. The flavor wasn't so terrible unique from just a really good all beef hotdog. I loved the porcini risotto with goat cheese. The twelve year old loved her risotto with tomatoes, basil, and chicken. My BF was so thrilled with his crab risotto. Not much crab, not a whole lot of flavor or creaminess. I would love to go back and try the flatbreads.

              We weren't quite as impressed with Blue. We went for lunch so it wasn't as exciting. Not a ton of choices on the menu and they were pretty basic. Could also be that the kids were in a bad mood and hot.

              I also wanted to mention our happy hour at Pig and Fish on Friday night. That is quickly becoming one of our favorite casual places. The atmosphere is nice. The two wives, they both own it with their husbands, are always so friendly. We've only had apps, but they've always been good. Particularly their tuna roll.

              Hope everyone gets down there soon.

              1. re: meredity

                So what is your verdict on Porchini...nice high end italian place or more of a cafe. Would you recommend? We love risotto.

                1. re: rfiver

                  I was there last week. I would call it more 'nice high-end Italian' than cafe. The mushroom soup was scrumptious (and I don't like mushrooms usually), as was the truffled mac and cheese. I had crab risotto and thought it could use more crab. The salads (especially caprese) were fresh. The service was very attentive and the ambiance comfortable, casual yet elegant.

            2. re: rfiver

              Spiaggia is the same group as Fish On, (Sodel Concepts), but is changing it's name to Lupe di Mare, (some trademark issue with the name). Haven't been there, but if it is of similar quality to Fish On, Blue Coast, Northeast Seafood Kitchen, and Catch 54, it should be very promising.

              Good new breakfast place on Rt 26 in Bethany, Romeo's, (across from Grotto and DiFebo).

              1. re: Felixnot

                My friend and I went to Lupe di Mare last night. I really enjoyed my meal - heirloom tomato salad, spaghetti with clams, goat's milk and fig ice cream. She had a chick pea and beet salad that was good but didn't like her main course - eggplant parm - or her dessert much. It may have just been a bad choice. The rest of the menu offerings looked really good.

                The restaurant is quite noisy so it may not be the best choice for a romantic meal. Also, the tables are very close together so its really uncomfortable if you happen to get seated in the middle of the banquette, like we did.

                1. re: JenBoes

                  Last sunday a small group went to Catch 54, a member of the same group as Lupo di Mare. We had a very good evening, Appetisers were good, but my blacked grouper special was outstanding. At Catch 54 they had a version of the Lupo menu...looked to me to be an Italian variation of Blue Coast menu. Somewhat similar appetisers, with similar base entree seafood with italian-inspired preparation, sauces, and presentation. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but having had meals at Catch 54, Northeast, Blue Coast and Fish On!, I may wait a season to try Lupe.

                    1. re: JenBoes

                      Rt 54 in Fenwick. It's right on the other side of the bridge about 1 -1/2 miles from Rt 1. You will see it when you go over the bay.

            3. re: cloneme

              There's also a new Ledo Pizza on RT 1 by the movie theater. Always been my favorite in the DC area and was glad to have an alternative to Grotto. Picked one up the last time I was down there & it was the same great square pizza with the thick pepporoni that I love. Obviously not fine dining, but we always enjoy a night sitting on the deck with a pizza & some Dogfish Head beer!

              Tried Porcini House and it was pretty good, not great. I agree that the flatbreads were a highlight. Don't forget about Big Fish and the Parkway, which have never disappointed me over the years. Cheers!

              1. re: oldbaycupcake

                I had a chance to try out Stingray on Saturday 7/5. In summary...WOW. But I'll share the details.

                SO and I had heard about the place from other folks staying at the B&B. Their consensus was the service was off, but the food made up for it. We were more concerned when the fellow B&Bers mentioned that Stingray did not even have a wine list. (GASP!) We figured "what the hell" and braced ourselves for lacking service...

                We arrived at the restaurant just before the evening dinner rush, say around 645pm or so. The hostess seemed flustered that we were there, telling us that there was a wait. We had to prompt her for the answer to that one. She stated 15 minutes, we replied that a holiday weekend could be much worse, and took seats at the bar to wait. The bar also features a lounge area with low black leather sofas.

                So the evil side of me asks for a wine list, pretty sure of the outcome. But VIOLA! a wine list is produced. Obviously the owner and staff quickly addressed concerns shared with them by our B&Bers. While not extensive, the list had 5-6 offerings each of reds and whites with nice variety...pinot noir, cab sav, dry reisling, etc etc. Shortly after our bartender brought the drinks, the hostess appeared to tell us our table was ready. "Wait, you're not who I am looking for, sorry." A few moments she came back to lead us to our table, but she did not know the answer to whether we could transfer the bar tab to the table. No biggie, we settled at the bar and took our seats on the outside porch area overlooking Lake Avenue.

                Our server was knowledgable about the menu and at no point made us feel rushed.
                Neither of us are sushi fans, so we started with more mundane appetizers of pork dumplings and the other appetizer has completely left my mind, since the SO declined to share much of it with me. I'll have to get back to that one.

                The dumplings were sauteed perfectly and were not greasy at all. The table next to us had a host of appetizers...calamari, lettuce wraps of pork and chicken, and sushi. The batter on the calamari was light and crunchy. The lettuce wraps had separated portions of pork and chicken, and the sushi looked vibrantly fresh and was beautifully presented. They oohed and aahed over everything. All appetizers seemed plentiful for sharing.

                For our main dishes, I ordered light and had the tempura shrimp which also came with a side cucumber salad. Again, that tempura batter was perfect and the 6 shrimp were a decent size. As good as it was, the salad intrigued me more. A small bowl of cool sliced cucumbers and onion in a clear vinegar-based juice, but there was another ingredient that gave it a little heat. Jalapeno juice? No idea and the kitchen would not divulge. I tried.

                SO ordered General Eisenhower's Chicken, a take off of Chao's. Strips of chicken tossed in mild heat sauce and dusted with sesame seeds. YUM. It was served with broccolini (not broccoli, as stated on the menu). I did get a taste of that but SO was feeling stingy, which is a good sign. The dry reisling she had with the entree was a great complement as well.

                No dessert for us...whew. The owner came out to speak with us and other tables as well, nice touch. Overall impressions - the restaurant did a soft opening the weekend before July 4th holiday, and quietly opened on Monday the 30th. They seemed to get the staff up to speed pretty quickly, and any blips were addressed as they became aware of them. The pacing of the meal was perfect, which speaks well of both the kitchen and the servers. While we walked there from the B&B, the restaurant does have a parking lot (BONUS in Rehoboth). As we were leaving, we noticed a much fuller restaurant with a longer wait. The only downside I saw was the tight space on the porch. Picture a four top perpendicular to the wall, a small aisle, and our 2 top. The servers and patrons had to be careful walking thru, but this seemed to be more of a hassle to the staff, especially if they were carrying trays.

                We're adding this one to our must-visit list.

                1. re: mvscorpio

                  Thanks for the review! My friends and I are going tomorrow night for dinner. I'm glad I read your input first.

            4. Stingray
              Sushi & Latino Restaurant
              59 Lake Ave, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971

              "Dewey In Rehoboth"

              - Food: very good.

              - Price: moderate.

              - Service: very poor.

              - Noise: extremely loud inside; any conversation must be shouted.

              - Light: very dark; flashlight w/ magnifier provide upon request; be sure to keep them after ordering in order to see your food.

              - Clientele: mostly young, straight, very loud, very drunk, very Dewey.

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              1. re: LenSchfer

                Was not impressed with Porchini House but Delfinis Italian Restaurant did finally opened 2 weeks ago in the old Tijuana Taxi spot on Rehoboth Ave and is on my list to check-out. Same owners as the Polynesian joint in Dewey.

              2. If you go to Lewes the Crab Bomb at Jerry's on 2nd St. is great. The firecracker version is not too spicy and it's all backfin. The house Sauv. Bl. is Matua - a good NZ citrusy white. Theresa, the barkeep, was excellent - fairly inventive martini choices. If you order a Caesar salad have them go light on the dressing, then add more if needed.

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                1. re: ray3546

                  At $32 the Crab Bomb is essentially a 10oz crabcake.