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Liberty Hotel

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Has anyone eaten/drunk at any of the venues in the Liberty Hotel? Is the food good? What's the ambience like?

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  1. Had drinks at Alibi in the Liberty Hotel last September..this was a former jailhouse..we enjoyed it.


    1. Currently, Scampo is the hot new restaurant in town and it is located at this hotel...so it is sometimes tough to get into the main dining room at the last minute. But they do have a "mozzerella bar" where you can sit and order food...it overlooks their open kitchen. The food is delicious....do a search to read my previous post. Take the escalator up to the lobby just to get a peek of this amazing building...it is worth a look.

      1. I've eaten a couple of times at the bar at Scampo. It's a very lively atmosphere. I've found the service at the bar to be pretty good. I like the food but it's nothing spectacular though it's certainly a fun place to go.

        1. I can't speak about the food, but I've been a few times for drinks in the main lobby area (I am not sure if this part has a name). It looks fantastic, a really unique space and definitely worth checking out. BUT on weekends it has become quite a scene, some folks very dressed up, some very dressed down, with lines outside. Recently a friend of mine that was staying at the hotel was asked to wait in line to get a drink at the hotel at which she was a guest. As for the drinks themselves - I remember respectable standards, but some of their own concoctions on their cocktail menu weren't so successful. In particular I remember something with way too much cinnamon which made my wife cough. A lot. Expensive too.

          1. I have been for after-work drinks a bunch of times to Alibi- they used to have no food there, but the cocktails are yummy. I have only been there once since the addition of food- I think they bring it over from Harvard Gardens oddly enough, but the fries I had were quite good.
            I have been to the bar outside Clink (in the lobby) twice, and had great cocktails and tiny, but tasty apps there.
            I have been to Scampo for both dinner and lunch, and both were really good. I also planned a retirement dinner for 12 people there, and had great service both in the planning stages and that night. I like it there a lot.

            The hotel itself is beautiful too. I give everything there a thumbs up, but it gets extra points for being 2 feet from my work. ;)

            1. There is an extensive discussion about Scampo on another thread. Just do a search.

              1. Kind of random but sort of relates... has anyone been to "Clink" on a Friday or Saturday night? The lobby is completely filled with 20-somethings, loud, and getting pretty rowdy.

                Don't get me wrong, it's an enjoyable time. I just have a hard time thinking that someone checking into the hotel late on a Friday/Saturday night would be OK with this... especially if it's a family with small children! Thoughts?

                (If you are unfamiliar with the location, "Click" is basically the lobby/check in area)

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                  That's kind of what I was getting at above - a bit of a zoo at the weekend. To the point where my friend paying to stay at the hotel couldn't get a drink without joining a queue. Ridiculous. Yes, places have restrictions on capacity, but there should always be sufficient space for hotel guests to use hotel amenities.

                2. I have had appetizers at Clink once, and found the service and food was very good.

                  Thankfully, we had made reservations, as it was a Friday night, and very busy. We ordered about 5 appetizers to share between the 2 of us, and a couple of bottles of sparkling wine and we were all set. All the appetizers were delicious.

                  From what I could see the mains looked pretty amazing also. Definitely worth a try!